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  1. ProPoke

    OSU vs Texas A&M? Potential bowl game

    After the Iowa State win and the rash of upsets, how does it affect your bowl thoughts?
  2. ProPoke

    Spencer Sanders = Tony Lindsey

    No comparison between Sanders and Lindsey at all. The closest comparison to Sanders is JW Walsh but right now Walsh is the better QB.
  3. ProPoke

    Way Too Early Bowl Expectations

    With less than one week before the start of the first game, let's have some fun. What bowl are you expecting the team to play in this year? What is your favorite bowl destination and your least favorite bowl and why? Obviously your favorite bowl should be where the national championship is...
  4. ProPoke

    CFN bowl projections

    I'll agree with that 100%. I and probably everybody here expected more from that season with the players we had but I've learned by the time the season ends and by the time of the bowl game, the sting is gone and I am ready to travel to the bowl wherever it is.
  5. ProPoke

    CFN bowl projections

    Just wondered why you were not impressed with the Camping World. We had a great time at the bowl and the destination is fantastic. There is so much to do there, we just had to decide what was the most important and say when the Cowboys make the bowl again, we'll do some of the other things. I...
  6. ProPoke

    CFN bowl projections

    Why were you not impressed with the bowl?
  7. ProPoke

    The Conference Realignment Saga... RELIVED!

    How has TCU been a disaster for the Big 12?
  8. ProPoke

    15 portals for WVU

    Aaron Lewis, No 21 DE in 2020, just flipped from WV to Michigan.
  9. ProPoke

    Cowgirl Softball

    It's on right now. First inning, Tulsa batting, 2 outs with Tulsa ahead 1-0.
  10. ProPoke

    Bedlam Baseball--minimal TV coverage

    Thanks for the answers CowboyBalla, Edmond Cowboy and OstatePokes. Much appreciated.
  11. ProPoke

    Bedlam Baseball--minimal TV coverage

    Maybe this has already been answered somewhere. I took a quick look and couldn't find the answer to this question. Why is the third game being played in Norman instead of the Brick or in Tulsa?
  12. ProPoke

    New coaches thread

    That would a good reason Henson would think he is qualified to be the offensive coordinator. Thanks.
  13. ProPoke

    New coaches thread

    So answer me this. Why would Henson think he is qualified to be an offensive coordinator calling plays when his speciality is the line? Dunn coaches the receivers so I can see him thinking he has the skills and mind to call plays whether he does or not. Maybe some posters who have been around...
  14. ProPoke

    Do stars really matter? Let's find out.

    I'll put my 2 cents in as well. Stars don't matter, it's the player that matters and that player might be a 2 star, a 3 star, a 4 star or 5 star. Barry Sanders? Tulsa, Iowa State and us wanted him. Wes Welker who had one offer terrorized us for years. He wanted to play for the Cowboys and...
  15. ProPoke

    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    We saw one couple wearing goon jackets at the game. Very out of place there.
  16. ProPoke

    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    It was a decent crowd for a bowl game. The announced crowd number was 51,587. I read somewhere that the Memphis community buys 25,000 tickets and each school is provided 15,000. While it appeared most people there had either orange or yellow on, I did see a few people that were just attending...
  17. ProPoke

    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    The Mizzou side had all of the middle full and the first one or two sections where it begins the bend heading towards the end zones. If the cameras just focused on the middle of stadium and away from the end zones, it would have looked like it was a great crowd. However, I would guess the only...
  18. ProPoke

    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    Never rained during the game. More Mizzou fans present than Cowboy fans. Temperature dropped during the game and it was a little chilly but it wasn't bad. This has been a great bowl destination and if we ever make this bowl again, I highly recommend it. There is a lot to do here. The Sun...
  19. ProPoke

    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    I'm going to have to agree that 20K will be a good showing. I did some research on this bowl and in the previous years, each school is given an allotment of 15,000 each and the community here purchases 25,000. Looking at previous attendence figures, this bowl consistently has 55,000 attend...
  20. ProPoke

    Big 12 Bowl games

    Let's see what happens with Spencer Sanders before jumping off the ledge. We've been 6-6 before and bounced back the following year. A consistent QB may be all that is needed next year with the current pieces already there.