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  1. RutherfordFan

    Injured QB thread

    Alright with it. Baker Mayfield Heisman, Kyler Murray Heisman, Hurts, Heisman finalist. I mean yeah I'd say so. I hate OU but yes they haven't needed to recruit a good QB and play him in over 5 years.
  2. RutherfordFan

    Football 2020 TE Price Daube Committed to OSU

    ok so not a scholarship guy- so no. Not on commit list.
  3. RutherfordFan

    Tylan injured

    Dang it! As soon as we start to perhaps build momentum. Crap! Well gonna have to scratch and claw to get another win to get to 6 wins and get to a bowl now.
  4. RutherfordFan

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    List the number of times. I bet Tech has beat them 3 times, Kstate 2 times until last Saturday- what 3 now. Baylor 3 times? So let me guess they have 1 more win??
  5. RutherfordFan

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    Rack, who gives a crap. Let it go man. It was eeons ago. Les Miles is a bigtime coach. Should he have done what he did against Ohio State, no but it's not a big deal. who gives a rip. I agree he shouldn't do that but nearly all coaches look out for themselves and would have left in a...
  6. RutherfordFan

    Spencer Sanders = Tony Lindsey

    Still believe Sanders is going to be a Super star next year. I'm hoping next couple games the game starts to slow down but for Most QBs that would be next year. I think he's improving. Give him time. He has all the tools to be great. Iowa State and TCU are the best 2 defenses we will face...
  7. RutherfordFan

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State

    Bullcrap. Sanders is failing to see the field. Coaches are NOT telling him to do that. He is locking in. What a bunch of horsecrap. I do think rolling the pocket at times can force him throw right but we dont do that alot. Spencer tendency is to lock on Wallace and cant blame him but Sanders...
  8. RutherfordFan

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State

    How about thank you defense for playing great. We made bigtime plays against good qb. Just STOP
  9. RutherfordFan

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State

    Faster than Walsh. Much bigger arm that Walsh. Way more natural talent. Let hope Sanders can begin to run progressions and see the field. If so then could be a superstar.
  10. RutherfordFan

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    Arkansas no. They suck. So does Tennessee. A coach leave for blue blood but not those two crap schools.
  11. RutherfordFan

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    I didnt agree with you all until this year. Gundy always recruits at around 35 in country. That has worked until this year. Last year happens from time to time but now a repeat crappy year. Has me thinking while Gundy has been a grreat coach. He might have lost his fire at this point.
  12. RutherfordFan

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    This. He looks like a jackass. I know looks aren't everything. Its shallow yes but he's a decent looking guy who hair flow in his 50s. It looked good for a couple years. Now he looks like a jackass who no one can possibly take seriously.
  13. RutherfordFan

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    Who gives a crap. People's logic on this. All schools except top 10 leave. Hire a good coach. Hire a good one 7 years later. While gives a crap.
  14. RutherfordFan

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    Lol this might be the dumbest rational I see from some in our fanbase. We are a bottom 4 team this year. We could have hired Todd Monken as head coach one point. Lincoln Riley when he was young o.c. at East Carolina. Matt Rule or the Iowa state coach Campbell who is now kicking our ass...
  15. RutherfordFan

    Football 2020 LB Jabar Triplet

    LOL why anyone would commit to Sumlin I have no idea. the guy couldn't win landing 5 stars. He sucks. Terrible coach but ok then haha.
  16. RutherfordFan

    Another Game Against Backup QB

    I'm sure Duffey will make some plays. He's got some athleticism and talent. That said, this defense is better than last year. Our LB play is probably as good as it's been since 2013. The safeties were all first year players last year. They have vastly improved there too. Young on D-line...
  17. RutherfordFan

    We actually moved up

    Bullcrap. Quit thinking like a loser. We also managed 3 points in 3 separate redzones. We started the game with a field goal and we were first down from the 4 yard line. Not to mention we know the 2 trips we got zero points in the second half. We were inside 4 yard line again 2nd half and...
  18. RutherfordFan

    Coaching Staff

    Again agree except silly. Our player earned that INT by deflecting the ball. That was a bigtime play by Rodarius Williams on a good throw by Ellinger. Also, they muffed. Again agree except don't forget we should have scored minimum 9 more points but probably 10 to 14 if we had 1 more TD and...
  19. RutherfordFan

    Coaching Staff

    I agree with everything you said except the score. OSU got in the redzone a bunch and failed to score a TD. settled for 3 field goals. Also 3 times we got into the redzone and score a total of 3 points. How often is that crap ever gonna happen again. Actually if you factor that in the score...
  20. RutherfordFan

    Backup RB Position

    No offense to LD Brown but I haven't seen much good from him yet. He has had a few good carries against bad competition but he doesn't seem to be able to break any tackles is his problem. I think OSU needs to go with Dezmon Jackson once he gets healthy or Jamyhl Jeter when he gets healthy. One...