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  1. cowboys_r_us

    Howdy former conferencemates!

    When you polish your bishop into jars in the name of tradition, it's weird alright?
  2. cowboys_r_us

    Howdy former conferencemates!

    When you polish your bishop into jars in the name of tradition, it's weird mmkay?
  3. cowboys_r_us

    Howdy former conferencemates!

    That wasnt true. Actually I'd prefer beating 1. OU (obvious) 2. Baylor (cheaters/rape enablers) 3. Aggy (inflated view of themselves that is in no way justified). UT is an Aggy fetish. I enjoy beating them but it doesn't do that much for me.
  4. cowboys_r_us

    Howdy former conferencemates!

    We get it - you're okay with getting beaten like a step child and paying top dollar for it as long as you can somehow one up claim to one up Texas,OSU,OU,Tech...well hell all the schools that beat you regularly - that should make it simpler. Does it feel better getting beaten in Alabama than it...
  5. cowboys_r_us

    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    I love it personally. We need to really get our fans to the stadium and enthused about our team. Having Bedlam on campus will do that.
  6. cowboys_r_us

    Chuba award thread

    Not if you play for a blue bloods or you're a QB. If he played for OU, Alabama or Ohio State his name would've been penciled in by mid October and it would've required him doing something to have his name removed from the list. You guys will never get it - the system is made for programs like...
  7. cowboys_r_us

    Strange schedule 2020 football.

    I also think moving the game helps. Lately they've been in the process of backing their way into the playoffs as of November. We're going to get their best shot no matter what, but better to be earlier.
  8. cowboys_r_us

    OSU vs Hoyas

    Lately this message board seems like Whine Country...
  9. cowboys_r_us

    #25 in the Coaches Poll

    Pretty excited to see them ranked again. Just an observation... I am pumped to see the basketball team back in the Top 25 after 4 years and football finishes the year in the Top 25 of the playoff committee rankings (and we've probably been ranked 75% of the last 5 years) and it feels very...
  10. cowboys_r_us

    Gundy post game presser

    In the last 5 against OU: Rushing/Total yards allowed/TO Margin 283/450/-2 353/702/-1 183/785/-1 341/629/+1 344/524/-2 I wouldn't expect to see OSU win with those numbers. 2 of those years are determined by turnovers. The other 3 by allowing them to run all over on us. To win this game...
  11. cowboys_r_us

    Gundy post game presser

    I think there are some years where we clearly missed good opportunities and, as such, Gundys record continues to be a sticking point. I don't think it's a relevant talking point in years like this. Some years we've had teams that were going to lose unless OU made critical errors - this year was...
  12. cowboys_r_us

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    We lost to a team favored by 2 touchdowns that played well and you'd have thought we lost to Kansas based on the comments here. Typical. Our offensive and defensive line got whipped - simple as that. For us to win, we really had to end up positive in turnover margin and we had to score...
  13. cowboys_r_us

    Former National powers . . . now, not so much

    An excerpt from the Texas AD following Texas' win over Tech: Del Conte encouraged observers to take a big-picture view of where the Longhorns are and consider their recent past. Texas has finished ranked in the AP poll only twice in this decade and won more than eight games only twice in the...
  14. cowboys_r_us

    Brutal stretch for both b-ball squads...

    I enjoy laughing at you. You should post more often.
  15. cowboys_r_us

    Former National powers . . . now, not so much

    Gonna sound full tinfoil hat here... The new playoff system was only agreed upon because it protects money and power. The BCS formula was better just had too few games to determine a champion. ESPN (mainly), CBS and Fox all love the new system because they have more content (weekly show), more...
  16. cowboys_r_us

    Former National powers . . . now, not so much

    This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for....the ignore feature. Some will never appreciate how far we've come. I certainly want to see us continue to climb the ladder, but when we're asking for a coach's head in a year where we've won 8 games (with a chance for 10) we're clearly in a different...
  17. cowboys_r_us

    Hurts- a one man show

    Zero U fans just want to be fake mad about something and this is as close as it gets. For quite some time there has been very little bulletin board material from OSU- so this is what it comes to. Gundy admitted it was keeping him up thinking about it and made several other comments to...
  18. cowboys_r_us

    Pokes suck

    Anything else in your crystal ball? Kansas State will be a contender... check
  19. cowboys_r_us

    Big 12 games, week 12.

    I really don't care- I enjoyed seeing Baylor's monumental collapse even if it all but cemented our fate. Baylor is a world class dirty program and has gotten every break possible all year. They've earned every bit of disappointment possible.
  20. cowboys_r_us

    Official Game Thread: Kansas vs. Oklahoma State

    About the only negative in this game was the kicking game and Sanders injury. Otherwise a really nice performance - no turnovers, limited penalties, controlled the game.