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  1. ATXCowboy

    Official Texas Bowl Thread: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State

    Same leach that went 6-7 this year? He’s in a power 5 conference doing less than decent. that answers your questions.
  2. ATXCowboy

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    Out two receivers due to concussion (one being your top target in Juju), out your rb1, plus your left tackle was blocking air all night along with the rest of the line. ...yeah Kaepernick would have flourished that game if he was under center.
  3. ATXCowboy

    Official Game Thread: TCU vs. Oklahoma State

    Some of y’all are blinded by your hate for Gundy.
  4. ATXCowboy

    Baylor game

    Exactly. Brewer threw 3 picks. They should have lost except tech did just as bad.
  5. ATXCowboy

    Big 12 games week 7

    @Nolaeer rankings this week. 1 Ou 2 ISU 3 WVU 4-10 rest of big 12
  6. ATXCowboy

    Big 12 week 6

    Go fap somewhere else.
  7. ATXCowboy

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    Here come the cockroaches out of the woodwork.
  8. ATXCowboy

    Mason Rudolph in at QB

  9. ATXCowboy

    Week 1 Big 12 games

    Iowa state looking like OT WVU close to the half losing 7-3 Kansas down 1 with 4 minutes to go Woof!
  10. ATXCowboy

    Week 1 Big 12 games

    It’s one game.
  11. ATXCowboy

    OSU Regional Moved to Oklahoma City

    Clearly you don’t get ‘didn’t complete the catch’
  12. ATXCowboy

    OSU Regional Moved to Oklahoma City

    Not what happened tho. He knocked it out of his mitt
  13. ATXCowboy

    OSU Regional Moved to Oklahoma City

    I don’t understand how they invoke the transfer rule there when his throwing hand knocked the ball out of his glove. That isn’t a full catch.
  14. ATXCowboy

    OSU Regional Moved to Oklahoma City

    He knocked the ball out on the transfer. Shouldn’t be a catch.
  15. ATXCowboy

    Baseball America Tournament Projections

    If you had a choice of being the top scientist in your field or getting mad cow disease, what would it be? All joking aside - having home field advantage is huge.
  16. ATXCowboy

    NCAA Tournament

    Just not understanding the connection of how that offers us “perspective”
  17. ATXCowboy

    NCAA Tournament

    Until last year tech hadn’t won a NCAA tournament game for 13 years.
  18. ATXCowboy

    NCAA Tournament

    He never would have gotten away with a travel if they would have played halfway decent defense. Besides didn’t look like a travel. Too close for the officials to call.
  19. ATXCowboy

    NCAA Tournament

    The defense on that set was terrible. They let him get in the paint. Should have been out in his grill as soon as the inbounded the ball.
  20. ATXCowboy

    OSU at Baylor

    That’s athletic tape