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  1. Don'tTreadonPete

    Football 2021 General Recruiting Thread

    The rumor is that yesterday's commit was Cam Smith, a defensive back from Denton who also had offers from SMU, Boise St., K-State, Utah, Vandy, and Northwestern among a few others.
  2. Don'tTreadonPete

    Football 2021 General Recruiting Thread

    The Green twins from Allen, TX seems to be the speculation. One is a 4* WR and the other a high 3* WR
  3. Don'tTreadonPete

    Learfield IMG College Cowboy Classics

    I hope they do the '95 Bedlam game or '97 Texas
  4. Don'tTreadonPete

    2020 FOOTBALL depth chart (best guess)

    No doubt he is a playmaker, but I can’t see him taking the starting spot from Amen or Rodriguez. I’m sure he will get a lot of reps though. He can be used all over the field and is right up there with Harvell-Peel and Ford as far as talent and ability to impact the game. Unfortunately he also...
  5. Don'tTreadonPete

    2020 FOOTBALL depth chart (best guess)

    My best guess at what the depth chart will look like this fall. Not many starting positions up for grabs this year, but a few battles note include at backup RB, backup QB, corner opposite Rodarius Williams and kicker. Starters are probably set on d-line, but will be a lot of competition for...
  6. Don'tTreadonPete

    Football Season Ticket Renewal Deadline?

    I received this in an email from the ticket office on 4/17
  7. Don'tTreadonPete

    Football Season Ticket Renewal Deadline?

    deadline was originally April 1st and then extended to May 1st. I emailed the ticket office yesterday and got a reply within a few hours. Renewal deadline is May 1st and then in mid-May the emails will go out with date and times for seat changes. Payment plans have been extended all the way...
  8. Don'tTreadonPete

    Football tickets...Good news!!!

    A grillaroni is a delicious pepperoni/smoked sausage hybrid served on a bun like a hot dog. It used to be sold at football games until a few years ago. It had developed quite the cult following. If I remember correctly, they had brought it back for like one season 2 or 3 years ago, but it was...
  9. Don'tTreadonPete

    Football tickets...Good news!!!

    mine increased $25
  10. Don'tTreadonPete

    Chu Ba !!! ??

  11. Don'tTreadonPete

    Chu Ba !!! ??

  12. Don'tTreadonPete

    Official Texas Bowl Thread: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State

    We have to get more pressure on their QB (without being offsides)
  13. Don'tTreadonPete

    Oklahoma State vs. Houston 2pm - ESPN

    Guess we need to only play away from Stillwater
  14. Don'tTreadonPete

    Grayson Boomer is in the transfer portal

    Jayveon Cardwell was today's transfer
  15. Don'tTreadonPete

    Random Bedlam Memories

    My 9th birthday party at Playhouse for Kidz conflicted with the 2nd half of the 1995 Bedlam game. I kept asking my parents if I could go out the car to turn on the radio to check on the score. That was the first Bedlam victory in my lifetime and I was so excited.
  16. Don'tTreadonPete

    Bedlam game 7pm kickoff

    Gonna be rowdy
  17. Don'tTreadonPete

    Tylan injured
  18. Don'tTreadonPete

    TCU game

    Just saw on another board that Tylan is rumored to have torn an ACL
  19. Don'tTreadonPete

    TCU game

    A few minutes ago on Robert Allen's radio show it was acknowledged that there are rumors going around about an injury to a "key" player and he didn't deny them. Anybody have an idea who could be injured? The only one I noticed last week was Bray,
  20. Don'tTreadonPete

    2019 Survival Pool Week 10

    Week 1: Buffalo Week 2: Texas Tech Week 3: SMU Week 4: Wake Forest Week 5: Florida Week 6: LSU Week 7: Baylor Week 8: Minnesota Week 9: Penn St. Week 10: Appalachian St. (56)