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  1. RoyOrange

    Monken to Georgia

    Boy, our former OCs get around. Holegram to W. Va. and Houston, another to Ohio St. and Texas U, and now this.
  2. RoyOrange

    Howdy former conferencemates!

    I didn't mind A&M leaving as I think TCU was a suitable replacement. But I sure hate to see Missouri leave as they had been a long time member of our conference. They were a member of the Big 7 before OSU jointed. And they were a worthy basketball opponent.
  3. RoyOrange

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    I think it is a good bowl game for OSU for several reasons. It is in Texas which will make it easy for team fans to attend the game.. We play a team we recruit against. A&M is overrated. Will be good for the Big 12 to have a team defeat one from the SEC, And the game is televised in a good...
  4. RoyOrange

    2020 Softball Schedule is brutal

    Playing real good teams only make you better. Go cowgirls.
  5. RoyOrange

    Big 12 bowl games.

    The Big 12 Bowl Games all look interesting. Only one conference team is favored but I think they will win at least two games and possibily three.
  6. RoyOrange

    Bizzaro World OSU season stats

    Since in conference play OSU had the same number of points scored as they allowed (253) a 5 -4 record was a good result.
  7. RoyOrange

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    On to our bowl game and ending the season on a high note with a win.
  8. RoyOrange

    Weather trending up

    I prefer good weather, both for the players and fans.
  9. RoyOrange

    The next 3 games will define our season...

    Winning all 3 games will be difficult. I think the pokes will lose 1 and possibly 2.
  10. RoyOrange

    Coaching Staff

    I was surprised we didn't go for the first down with a regular offensive play since, before the penalty, it was short yardage.
  11. RoyOrange

    So what's the story on the softball reschedule?

    The team definitely needed more hitting against the #1 team.
  12. RoyOrange

    Bowlsby: Playoff Expansion Talk is Happening, Is Legit

    I agree the CFP should be expanded to 8 teams. In that setup ALL the power 5 conference champs get invited with 3 at large teams. In that group (at large) only 1 team from a conference. This plan makes great sense, probably so much so that it will not be passed.
  13. RoyOrange

    Big 12 Championship game

    Very good game for OU. Their offense sputtered at time but (hard to believe) their defense won the game by holding the horns to under 30 points while scoring 2 points themselves.
  14. RoyOrange

    1-5 vs. B12 Teams .500 or worse

    Disappointing season. I can't remember a team like this one that played up to, or down to, the level of competition. I expect the Pokes to easily win their bowl game and end the season on a positive note.
  15. RoyOrange

    Kingsbury gone?

    I was a little surprised at KK's firing. I think it will be hard to find a good coach willing to go to Lubbock.