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    59 years ago today.

    Fifty nine years ago today President John F. Kennedy publicly took full responsibility for the botched Bay of Pigs invasion. When asked why he acted so honorably, he reportedly said that there was no Barack Obama to blame it on.
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    Drain my swamp. Drain my swamp.

    Can't you just hear the chants booming from the arena in a poor, backward, southern state where trump is spewing hateful vomit to lathered, frothing followers..."drain my swamp. Drain my swamp. Drain my swamp." And with yet another firing of one of his own hires, he takes credit for another...
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    I feel so much better now...don't you?

    I feel so much better now about that pesky coronavirus thingy since Dr. Trump declared that the 15 cases currently known in the US are under control and that a medical solution will soon be available. I am ignoring the fact that those lame-brains from the CDC and the NIH reported that there are...
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    This morning's Fox News polls

    This morning's Fox News presidential polls (RealClearPolitics) show the top 6 Democratic candidates all beating Trump by between 1-9 points. I am wondering what you think will happen when a single candidate is announced and Dems (most) coalesce behind that candidate. Your thoughts?
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    How would you like to be at the Pence dinner table tonight?

    VP Mike Pence was prominent in the Parnas interview aired tonight and I wonder what it would have been like to be at the family dinner table tonight: Mrs P: fool, what the hell have you done this time? Kids: Yea are all over the news tonight. What the hell have you...
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    Attention board legal eagles:

    Are there any lawyers on the board? If so, please assist with an answer to this question: If witnesses are not allowed to testify in the impeachment of trump, is there anything that would prohibit the House from deposing their witnesses and then submitting their testimony for the record...
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    Attention trump rats: help wanted

    Hello faithful followers...this is your leader and Pied Piper, donald trump. As you know, there are many vacancies on my team and I am recruiting you, or other followers your may know, to step up and sacrifice your selves and your futures to the service of my personal wealth enhancement (oops...
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    Republicans behind early Steele Dossier research

    According to "Crime in Progress," a book out last week by the authors who originally hired Christopher Steele in 2015 to research Donald Trump, their clients were Republican operatives who were trying to ascertain whether or not Trump was suitable to serve as POTUS. As the research became even...
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    Are there any doubters left?

    Are there any doubters left who don't believe that everything and everybody touched by trump turns to s___t? Raise your hand.
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    Another trump rat goes down.

    Attention trump rats - and you know who you are - how many cabinet members, close advisers, etc have resigned, been fired, been indicted, gone to jail or otherwise disgraced since your savior has been in office? If this is what you mean when you chant "DRAIN THE SWAMP" then I guess you are to...
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    Prediction: trump will never...

    One thing we will likely never see in this election cycle is trump on the debate stage with the Democratic candidate, especially if that candidate is Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren. Both of those ladies would slice and dice the president, exposing his stupidity, lack of understanding of the...
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    Mouth/Brain disconnect

    trump's performance in Japan once again proves what has been widely believed by many...that is, his mouth is not connected to his brain. The mindless drivel that flows from his mouth befuddles his supporters, advisers and every clear-thinking human on earth. The disconnect bubble in which...
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    Attention trump rats.

    Attention trump rats with any knowledge or expertise in economics: can you explain what trump is talking about when he repeatedly insists that China will pay for the tariffs?
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    Should we feel sorry for Betsy Devos?

    Trump hung Betsy Devos out to dry today by restoring Special Olympics funding to his budget which he obviously had not read. And while she is as despicable as all the rest of the trump rats he has assembled, he actually sent her to a hearing yesterday to defend his cuts to the program. What a...
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    Trump, Air Force One turned back at Hanoi airport.

    Enforcing their national law against allowing humans with heal spurs into their country, the Vietnamese government turned back AF1 and the president today. Officials cited Faux News as reporting that heal spurs are not only highly contagious but also life threatening. Efforts by trump to deny...
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    NFL 1 - trump 0

    Someone must have explained to trump that unpaid Air Traffic Controllers and TSA agents at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta could destroy the Super Bowl if they shut down the airport, and he somehow concluded that football fans around the country would likely burn the White House to...
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    Attention trump rats.

    Attention trump rats who happen to be my fellow Pokes...what did you think of your president's "speech" tonight?