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  1. pokes16

    Better start looking for a Sept 3rd opponent...
  2. pokes16

    Big 10 to play only Conference Football games this season Pac 12 likely to follow Annnnnnddddddddddddd Since Notre Dame has no conference.....
  3. pokes16

    Orange on for Eddie tomorrow. Put Eddie in!!!

    Put Eddie in!!!
  4. pokes16

    Orange On Because...

    Loyal and true is needed in many ways and now more than ever... List some ways. Marcus Smart
  5. pokes16

    FB Lamont Bishop LB commits
  6. pokes16

    Leach to Miss State

    That should be fun!
  7. pokes16

    Matt Rhule - Baylor Salary

    With Matt Rhule set to take the Carolina Panthers job after one of the more impressive rebuilds in recent college football, one of the more attractive jobs in the Big 12 is now open. For the past few weeks, the whisper in the profession has been that Baylor is likely to target Arkansas State’s...
  8. pokes16

    Saban give scouting report on refs to his staff before each game...
  9. pokes16

    Rhule to ...Carolina

    is the rumour. Sorry Paylor
  10. pokes16

    Orange on in...

    Tulsa! GO POKES!!! Beat the dead dog worshiping, fake military acting, UT wanna be, crotch grabbing cult!!!
  11. pokes16

    OSU vs Hoyas
  12. pokes16

    Andy Katz first bracket... I know... I know...

    6 seed against Miss State. At least a little respect. Lets get that down to a 3 or 4 seed!
  13. pokes16

    Cool moment for the basketball team

    Coach Mike has them practicing today at his old High School gym.
  14. pokes16

    Nice stat

    Dave said yesterday that in the Big XII only 4 teams who were starting only 4 seniors have won 8 or more games in the last decade. OSU makes up 2 of those 4.
  15. pokes16

    Classic Sooner story

    I’m in the drive through at the Wendy’s next to St John hospital in Tulsa. Just a bit in front of me to my right is a big pickup. It’s decked out. Got the obligatory 2-3 foot long upside down Horns on the tail gate and a big uo sticker on the back window. So genius boy decides that instead of...
  16. pokes16

    Someone let me know...

    When the this board realizes the world is not ending.
  17. pokes16

  18. pokes16

    Cowboy Bootcamp 2019
  19. pokes16

    Peel player of the week

    Much to the horror of some on this site...
  20. pokes16

    the ESPN + thread