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    Tune in error

    I'm not getting it.
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    TBT - The Basketball Tournament - Stillwater Stars!

    Those Philly guys were good. I think they only missed 2 out of 23 FT and had a bulk and height advantage we couldn't overcome. Sure wish we had some more players.
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    Mount Rushmore of OSU Coaches

    I agree with these four and for your reasoning.
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    New College Baseball Model

    You are correct, Gary Ward came up with this idea 30 years ago. Of course no one will give him credit for it.
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    Learfield IMG College Cowboy Classics

    I think we recognized and accepted Bob's occasional slip (like saying the ball was on the 30 when it was on the 20) because he was OUR announcer and we loved him. I too was devastated when he "changed sides" but like you fell in love with Bill Teegins and then Dave. Bob was a class guy and I...
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    TV for Baseball games

    I hope that you are right. I think we had a view of the future with ESPN+ this past basketball season. There were several KU games broadcast on eSPN+ this spring. Note, that's Number 1 ranked KU! In previous years you would only see highly ranked teams on broadcast (CBS, Fox, ABC) or high...
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    Baseball Summary

    Nice synopsis, thanks. You forgot the figure in the non-con games with Wichita State (home/away), Oral Roberts, and Central Ark.
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    TV for Baseball games

    Can't disagree more. ESPN dropped the ball on the Big 12 coverage. When they started with the football season, the OSU games had terrible production - the picture was poor, sound quality sucked. Another OSU football game had not broadcast for the first half of the game. I think that was the...
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    First time in Cowboy Country

    Hideaway Thread, I can think of a lot of worse things!
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    First time in Cowboy Country

    Nope, get the BBQ Beef and Bacon. Don't forget an "In-Betweener" salad and an ice cold Bud! If the BBQ is a little strong, get a Sausage and Mushroom - the sausage is real sausage, not manufactured sausage turds like Dominos and Pizza Hut.
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    MBB: POST GAME Cowboys dial in their First Conference Win Against TCU 72-57. Next up #1 BAYLOR

    Saw the same TCU on the ESPN+ broadcast. I'm not a fan of the Big 12 programming through this service. Very focused on everyone we play and no attention and ads for OSU. Between poor production and camera work to missing a half of a game, and now to the Big 12 focusing on our opponents, the...
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    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    You mean Matt Holliday?
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    Now that Non-Con is over....

    They lost some very good NBA players last year so the team is young. I believe they are formidable but beatable. It will be a tough game but one I think we can win.
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    Now that Non-Con is over....

    No Koolaid. This team has the ability to compete with any of these teams and the coaching staff has proven that we can go into places with less talent (WVU, KU) and win. I think the youngsters (Harris, Boone twins) will finally get it by February. Laurent is finding his role after being lost...
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    Now that Non-Con is over....

    Think we sweep Tech, Texas, Iowa State, K-State and TCU and split with the rest for a 14-4 record.
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    An Invitation for Cowboys Coming to Morgantown

    Actually the origin of "Simple Gifts" is just that - it was a Shaker hymn called "Simple Gifts" and was incorporated by Copland as a part of "Appalachian Spring".
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    Cowboy Basketball vs Western Michigan

    I can’t get it either. Please contact the conference offices on Monday to tell them how you feel. This is very frustrating.
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    A different perspective of the game . .

    That's absolutely ridiculous.