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  1. orangebullet

    UNCW at OSU baseball

    Thank goodness.
  2. orangebullet

    UNCW at OSU baseball

    My "Feels like" thermometer says 50 degrees. Brrrr.
  3. orangebullet

    Property around campus

    Traffic would be a nightmare. They have already NARROWED Duck Street to two lanes south of 6th. What a zoo.
  4. orangebullet

    O'Brate men's restroom

    Well, they had to jack-hammer the West Endzone about a year after completion for the plumbing issues, too. I see a trend. Whenever I would go to the OKC Home Show and talk to plumbers they would roll their eyes about Stillwater plumbers. Apparently they knew something.
  5. orangebullet

    UNCW at OSU baseball

    Any updates? It is past start time. Looks like the storm will clear Stillwater by 7pm, but the north wind will be wicked. You would have thought there would have been something on Twitter.
  6. orangebullet

    Sean Sutton?

    and something I think is particularly lacking on the OSU staff (if last year's performance is any indication. We haven't had an observable game plan for at least 10 years.)
  7. orangebullet

    Cowboys takes down #6 Texas in Double Overtime! OSU is GOOD. #23 KU Next

    I'm thinking I want to trade Cunninghams.
  8. orangebullet


    OSU hired a motivational speaker, but not a basketball coach. If we had Lon Kruger, we would be a lot closer to the top of the Big 12, IMHO
  9. orangebullet

    The bowl games thread

    I had forgotten how much I didn't like the Ducks.
  10. orangebullet

    The bowl games thread

    I actually taught calculus at West Point a LONG TIME AGO. I need to read up on this incident. When I was there they were just coming off The Borman Commission Report on the cheating scandal. The worst incident I had was a young man who didn't come to class, lied and said he was sick, and it...
  11. orangebullet

    The bowl games thread

    and Army was doing it VERY WELL. I like that little QB they had.
  12. orangebullet

    The bowl games thread

    Looked to me like #3 of Mississippi St was the wild man who jumped over assistants to throw punches. The ESPN announcer (Matich??) was blaming a Tulsa assistant/staff but I didn't see whatever he was talking about "at the bottom of your screen". Looked to me like MSU was the instigator....and...
  13. orangebullet

    Official Game Thread: Cheez-It Bowl- Oklahoma State vs. Miami (FL)

    Is no one assigned to the TE? Just let him go.
  14. orangebullet

    Cowboy Basketball: TCU defeats the Pokes (6-1) 77-76. Next up #11 TEXAS on SUNDAY

    Umm, didn't OU beat TCU AT TCU? We are doomed. No other way to say it. I have to say I am not impressed with the X & O coaching/game plan of the coaching staff. Never expected it from HCMB, but I thought better of Scott Sutton.
  15. orangebullet

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Christian

    Not impressed with the play calls. Jackson left, Jackson right, Sanders up the middle.
  16. orangebullet

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Christian

    He almost dropped that one, it was slipping, but he rolled onto his back to cradle it.