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  1. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Congratulations to Billy Gasparino!

    On a World Series Title! The Dodgers have been as good as anyone at drafting and developing the last decade or so.
  2. Ptak'sNewspaper

    O’Brate Stadium Receiving Finishing Touches
  3. Ptak'sNewspaper

    OSU Baseball Posters from Allie P’s final season

    Anyone have any of the commemorative posters from the final season at Allie P that they would be willing to sell? I would be willing to pay good $$$ for any of them. Thanks.
  4. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Josh Holliday radio show

    Is it on Wednesday nights? And what time? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball in the Polls 2/25/19

    Sorry I'm late. D1Baseball - #19 Perfect Game - #20 USA Today Coaches Poll - #21 (I don't think it's been updated since the preseason poll) NCBWA - #21 Collegiate Baseball - #28 (a real head scratcher.... they moved us and Auburn back 10+ spots for no reason at all)
  6. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball in the Polls: 2/18/19

    The Cowboys check in at: D1Baseball: #19 Perfect Game: #20 Collegiate Baseball Newspaper: #18 NCBWA: #23 Coaches Poll: TBA Hopefully we can get at least 1 game in Wednesday and then fit in 3 games this weekend vs Wright State.
  7. Ptak'sNewspaper

    O'Brate Stadium Update Video
  8. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball in the Polls 12/18/18

    Cowboys check in at: #16 - Collegiate Baseball Newspaper #18 - Perfect Game #18 - D1Baseball #20 - NCBWA #21 - USA Today Coaches Poll Of note, we have 18 games against top 40 competition this season, 17 of those against top 25 competition, and 7 of those are against top 10 competition. 24...
  9. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball: Three Cowboys Named to the OSU Baseball Hall of Fame First Pitch Banquet is set for the evening of Jan. 26th. The Cowboy Basketball team takes on S. Carolina in GIA at 1 that day, get your tickets now and make a day of it!!!