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  1. Chairman of the Board

    OSU Baseball at TCU

    First pitch 6:30
  2. Chairman of the Board

    UNCW at OSU baseball

    Parker Scott listed as probable starter.
  3. Chairman of the Board

    KSU at OSU baseball

    Kansas State is off to a great start this year at 13-7 and has yet to play a conference game. Tonights starter is LHP Jordan Wicks — 4-0 with a 1.72 ERA in five starts; 42 K, 8 BB in 31.1 IP vs Parker Scott 4-1 1.29 Hopefully the Pokes have refocused and can clean up some play in different...
  4. Chairman of the Board

    Missouri State at OSU baseball

    Game today at 6. Pokes have lost 5 of the last 7, need to bounce back. Also, with Campbell moving to weekends, pitching becomes a question mark.
  5. Chairman of the Board

    Baseball vs Texas Tech

    Just underway. Crull leading off
  6. Chairman of the Board

    Baseball series vs GCU

    About to start—I can’t get the video feed
  7. Chairman of the Board

    OSU baseball at Missouri State 3pm

    This will be a tough one. MSU is 4-1 and of course circles this game like lots of our midweek opponents do. They are off to a red hot start with the bats, hitting .331 as a team...but against staffs that are nothing like ours. OSU is starting Justin Campbell and MSU Ty Buckner, who won his...
  8. Chairman of the Board

    Justice Hill again tweets cryptically about his experience with OSU

    Tweeted it and then deleted it But then tweeted about how you can’t understand unless you walk in his shoes. Just sharing, take from it what you will.
  9. Chairman of the Board

    Home baseball opener vs UALR

    I decided to make a new post for each game, or that single thread would be too hard to navigate. OSU vs UALR 4pm ESPN+
  10. Chairman of the Board

    Cowgirls vs ORU

    The Girls open the season with a 73-54 win over ORU. Led the whole way and put it away with a 22-11 third quarter. Ja’Mee Asberry had 19 and Lauren Fields 14. Next game is Wednesday vs Southern.
  11. Chairman of the Board

    Looking for 1 to TTU

    Need one so my daughter can go with me. Text at 214-517-9023
  12. Chairman of the Board

    Learfield IMG College Cowboy Classics FFW to 1 hour 20 minutes and enjoy
  13. Chairman of the Board

    ESPNU 2005 Big 12 Tourney Championship/#10 OSU vs TTU

    Pokes up early 9-4, great D by Bobik leads to a layup by John Lucas. If JamesOn and Stevie Graham didn't have carrying violations, this game wouldn't even be this close.
  14. Chairman of the Board

    Doug Gottleib wishes Eddie happy bday

    Great quotes
  15. Chairman of the Board

    OSU vs St Louis Baseball

    Billikens are 10-4 this year, so no slouch. These midweek games are always dangerous. I won’t be able to update for an hour or so.
  16. Chairman of the Board

    OSU vs BYU baseball

    Need a bounce back after Tuesday. Parker Scott for OSU vs RHP Justin Sterner — 0-0 with a 3.18 ERA in three starts; 19 K, 5 BB in 17.0 IP The Cougars are 7-6 so far this year and are only hitting .215 as a team (the exact same BA MSU had before Tuesday's game)
  17. Chairman of the Board

    OSU vs Missouri St baseball

    Underway, Kale Davis gets his first start--struggling so far. 2 walks to start the game. MSU is 5-6 this year and only hits .215 as a team. Pitching is their forte, with 3.59 team ERA. So far they have wins over Rice and ORU, but at one points this year they went three games without scoring a run.
  18. Chairman of the Board

    Baseball vs UTRGV

    RGV a solid opponent. Split with KSU in 4 last weekend. Parker Scott on the mound
  19. Chairman of the Board

    OSU baseball at Arizona State

    ASU is ranked #8 and started the season 2-2 against 'Nova and Michigan. Sun Devils are starting a lefty, OSU's starter is TBD Game is on PAC+ Plus.
  20. Chairman of the Board

    Cowgirl bedlam

    OSU down 18-16 after 1