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  1. Tuff

    Baylor no longer a bottom feeder in Big 12.

    I saw something on FSU for next year. I think we should start looking at Baylor. I do believe with the 71 points they just put up on ISU...yeah they have a point to make. I believe they just became my biggest worry in the big 12. No longer the bottom feeder in the Big 12 thats for sure. Anyone...
  2. Tuff

    Big12 Teams this year.

    Curious if Baylor is as good as what the scores are. Or is it more or less they are playing bums? They are kinda worring me with the scores they are putting up. Baylor at the moment is looking like the strong team in the big12. Just donno what to expect out of them. Kinda like Tech...I donno how...
  3. Tuff

    USC in trouble? (Kiffin Fired)

    Just saw that USC lost to Washington State. Looks like Leech is doing something good for them up there or USC is just that bad. Leads to the tittle. Does this mean USC is going back into days of when they were on probation for violations from Petes days as HC. I know that has thrown them down...
  4. Tuff

    Kstate this week

    After last week (since I didn't get a chance to check out the game) was curious to if anyone had any idea how they might possibly be this week? Only reason I ask that I have them picked in my pic'em and didn't know weather I might want to change that or what. Thanks guys!
  5. Tuff

    Sorry if this is a repost, but I know that we had a espn pick em' is there a bowl pick em'?

    Just curious if the OP had a college football bowl that I'd like to join and pick bowls...thanks guys! P.S. sorry I haven't been on a lot..been busy!
  6. Tuff

    Check out Martins status on FB...LOL

    Martin has the picture of him sacking RGIII and says "GUESS HE MAD"
  7. Tuff


    So..if LSU and Bama don't play this week...if we beat Baylor pretty bad...could we jump them? Might be dumb...and I don't remember anyone saying anything about it....I know we got jumped in our bye does that mean with it being BCS that we could jump them? I mean it wouldn't really...
  8. Tuff


    Alright..not much into rap, but I'm real tired of perdiction....tired of realignment....that doesn't matter to me. So I really want a post to get it pumped, like last back to my point on not much on rap...the song THROW IT UP...seems to come into play for me right now...I have the OSU...
  9. Tuff


    Didn't see it posted if it has...then go ahead and delet. The guy (Mark Staybal (SP) on video is making us looked good...Called for a NC championship and said OSU vs. Boise..I'm game! Just thought I'd say it. I sure like his look. Also if it has been posted..its worth posting...
  10. Tuff

    Wave bye to aTm.

    Just got the ESPN text. aTm will be leaving for the SEC effective July 2012
  11. Tuff

    Felt like posting...LOL

    I'm sure its been posted, but didn't read some threads, oh wait did read one bout Oklahoma schools talking to big 10..donno if thats true, but a text to my phone says that Monday will be meeting with bout switching Conference affiliation. This is per ESPN texts :)...THANK YOU COME AGAIN! :lol...
  12. Tuff

    I looked and did not please forgive me...

    I looked every where...might have been infront of me but I didn't see it. Can someone kindly post the link for voting for blackmon as Hiz! PLEASE AND THANK YOU KINDLY :).
  13. Tuff

    New rankings?

    When do the rankings get posted? I guess I missed out on this one!
  14. Tuff

    Curious if anyone knows?

    Can someone give me the total offensive yards for the Tulsa vs. Goons game?
  15. Tuff

    aTm vs. SMU

    Is there any where on the net I can have a look at this game cause its not on ya'll!
  16. Tuff

    On Missouri

    Donno if anyones watching the game...but they aren't looking that good...45 yards through the air..and I believe they are only up by 10?
  17. Tuff

    Auburn vs. Utah State game thread

    Thought I'd get the game rolen on here!
  18. Tuff

    TCU vs. Baylor thread.

    Just thought I'd start one...time for some FOOTBALL!
  19. Tuff


    Is there any Cowboy fans around Horn Lake/Southaven Mississippi? Curious to know, because I'd like to get together and watch some football. Edit MEMPHIS????
  20. Tuff


    I'm a little...I donno the word..donno if anyone has said anything bout this..and I've posted on much of the crap that everyone was talking...but....they prodict out of all teams...TEXAS to upset us? So I don't see how in the world that "TEXAS" is going to come back from last year..personal I...