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  1. orangebullet

    Cowgirl Basketball

    well, from the radio conversation this morning, apparently the "woke culture" at OSU is what ran Vivian Gray off. The Cowgirls want to put Black Lives Matter on their shoes and, apparently, Vivian is engaged to a police officer so that didn't sit well with her. I guess I may be opting out of...
  2. orangebullet

    Southern Scuffle

    Joe Smith won a Major Dec in his first match. 174. Anyone hear what is going on with Boo Lewallen? Rex just said he didn't wrestle.
  3. orangebullet

    Deposit for Obrate stadium seats?

    I just caught the end of an ad on the radio and I thought they said "You could make a $75 deposit to reserve seats in Obrate stadium"/. Is that correct? Are they just bypassing season ticket holders and letting the public put in their bids for seats? WTH?
  4. orangebullet

    Tickets to OSU Regional

    Anyone else tried the OSU ticket website? At first it said "No current events". No I can get a Baseball regional selection, but there is no seat map and I can't choose a seat. Anyone know what is going on?