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    OU is not a blue blood

    and Is there a thread for the CFP playoff discussion?
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    Unranked and zero votes???

    Unranked and zero votes??? How is this possible? 6-0, how much better do you need to be to get somebody somewhere to cast a vote? Watching this team last night take apart a power five blue blood, will that get us some national attention?
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    2nd BYE week?

    Whats up with that? I had thought we were past this no football Saturdays business.
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    Sean Sutton about to win a National Championship

    who'd have thought???
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    Is Corndog still on campus?

    Could he pull an Adarius Bowman and help out the BBall roster for the rest of the year?
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    New guys will save us next year?

    What happens if they take a look at our record this year and decide to de-commit? I would have serious second thoughts about sending my kid to play basketball there right now. Engineering school? Sure. Basketball? Not so sure
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    List of Eddie Sutton Transfer players

    Doug Tony Allen Daniel Bobik Brooks Thompson Joey Graham Stephen Graham John Lucas 3 Victor Williams and 9 others... These are the types who can propel your program towards the top of the Big XII their first year here. Not skinny freshmen like DeMuth, or even Mike Cunningham...
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    We can't play a full 40 mins

    not with 6 guys.