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  1. cowboyinexile

    This win feels like a win

    Was it ugly? Yeah. Did we have flashbacks to Central Michigan? Yeah But we won. We held out a bunch of staters due to the opponent who probably would have been good to go if we weren't playing a FCS school. And one that wouldn't is our starting QB who will be back next week. Week 1...
  2. cowboyinexile

    Fantasy College Football

    If anyone wants to play fantasy College Football, I have a league set up for us. Right now it's 12 teams but if it looks like we need to add a few more I think I can do it (if not I apologize for those who want to join if it is full). The player pool is everyone in FBS except for a certain...
  3. cowboyinexile

    PFB blog

    They are the ones fanning the flames today. I barely heard of OAN before today and personally I think it's good that kids now have a voice that previous generations didn't have. I hope both the players and coaches learn from events today and use their combined platforms to make the world a...
  4. cowboyinexile

    Rise of Skywalker

    What did everyone think? I'm a little surprised that it's not getting decent reviews. The critics loved TLJ and although it had its moments in hindsight it was a disappointment and that is being kind. After one viewing I'd call this one better than anything the middle trilogy had and...
  5. cowboyinexile

    Kentucky Governor's race

    I think they just elected a Democrat. In Kentucky and it was over a guy Trump was campaigning for. Thats weird.
  6. cowboyinexile