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  1. olderschool

    The last days of Roe?

    I believe that the only folks that should have a say in this matter should be women. Jmho
  2. olderschool

    The last days of Roe?

    I though that the wingers are for less government intervention into our lives. That’s not what this is. It’s clearly more.
  3. olderschool

    Tim Rattay

    If they offer him the head coaching spot. He should go. A chance to better his finances and his career.
  4. olderschool

    Perspective for this holiday weekend.

    Have wonderful Thanksgiving ! “Loyal and True”
  5. olderschool

    "Looting "is no longer allowed in California

    Farm subsidies better known as farmer welfare. For calendar year 2020 ended at 23 billion.
  6. olderschool

    Ahmaud Arbery

    The Father of the Now CONVINCED trigger puller was in Law enforcement in that area for over 30 years. I do believe these three bubba’s thought they could get smooth away with it. Lord this thing was like a John Grisham book.
  7. olderschool

    Gundy on Knowles

    Let’s not forget!! The players are the ones doing the work. It’s not ALL the coaching. It’s a large part the young MEN on the field! Super seniors.
  8. olderschool

    Ticket Prices for Bedlam are soaring…

    absolutely you have that right to do whatever you want with your tickets. But to claim you are a O-State fan and then sell your Bedlam seats to sooner? That fellow is a big pile of poop!
  9. olderschool

    Floor seats to WBB

    You can call and ask the ticket office. If you already have Donor seats on the floor they sometimes can sell you other open seats in 101. The seats behind the score table are now student seats. That would be an option.
  10. olderschool

    Ticket Prices for Bedlam are soaring…

    Just kind of shows which fans are good and which fans are $hit.
  11. olderschool

    MBB Shooting Concerns

    It’s still very early in the season. Got to believe!
  12. olderschool

    Ticket Prices for Bedlam are soaring…

    Every time the goons come to town. Every time. 20% of the stadium are Sooner fans wearing red. That is one of the main problems that O-State has! Just not enough good solid fans! You might not like what I just posted. But it’s the truth.
  13. olderschool

    Cowgirl Basketball 2021-2022 Season

    First half offense was awful! Cowgirls kicked butt in the second half! Can’t remember a game that changed 180 degrees like that game. Missouri state looked Shell shocked at the end of the game. I believe that the Lady Bears thought they had it won at halftime. They scored 2 points in the...
  14. olderschool

    all things stitt

    Our governor is a fool and surrounds himself with other fools.
  15. olderschool

    Rittenhouse Trial

    Just an opinion. I believe IF Kyle Rittenhouse would’ve been black he would now be dead. Because the law that night would’ve shot him dead. Just my humble opinion.
  16. olderschool

    Where should the Cowboys be ranked? #9 on CFP

    #1 Win the game in Lubbock. #2 Don’t get anybody injured.
  17. olderschool

    Wyoming GOP boots Liz Cheney

    Don’t forget to add the Trumpee to the list.
  18. olderschool

    all things stitt

    You just watch this State gop bunch. There next power grab will be them trying to abolish our right to the initiative petition. Just y’all watch it’s coming.
  19. olderschool

    all things stitt

    Our crazy governor and the state leader of the republicans. What happened to smaller government and more local control. A GOP battle cry for years.!! That is as long as its something the wingers want! If a local as you can get school board goes against the wingers will? Hell pass a law and try...
  20. olderschool


    It’s called sarcasm