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  1. PokeSaladAnnie

    Bragging Rights…

    Do we act like OU and rub it in wearing Orange and making rude remarks to OU fans on Monday? Seems my OU friends often arrogantly acted superior maintaining OSU fans and team were inferior to OU based on W\L record calling us loser U!
  2. PokeSaladAnnie

    Great Victory for OSU today!

    What a great game and OSU came out on top today. Enjoyed seeing Dez Bryant at BPS today and he was cheering the defense in the fourth quarter and they sure met every challenge OU tried resulting in OU losing today. The D shutout OU in the second half as the only scores were a muffed punt catch...
  3. PokeSaladAnnie

    Ticket Prices for Bedlam are soaring…

    and limited on Ticketmaster. Price range from $350 up to $2000. My guess if both OSU and OU win next week College game day will be in Stillwater and ticket prices will double. Weather prediction are in the 60’s so no ice bowl this year. What would your don’t want to sell it price be? If you...
  4. PokeSaladAnnie

    USA Poll..

    1UGA10-01550621—1/5 2ALA9-1146402—1/5 3CIN10-0140103—2/10 4OSU9-113630513/12 5ORE9-113200613/12 6ND9-111810716/13 7MICH9-111530816/NR 8MSU9-111390916/NR 9OKST9-1110201019/23 10MISS8-294801229/25 11OKLA9-187804-72/11 12WAKE9-184701319/NR 13BAY8-2826018513/NR 14IOWA8-2637014—2/18...
  5. PokeSaladAnnie

    Remaining Games?

    Team will regroup after this loss and get better last five games. Better to lose now than in last five-six games. KU - win At WVU - win TCU - win At TT - win OU - win - OU is over rated and loses two of last four against either BU, ISU or OSU. CCG - win - Defense wins Championships End season...
  6. PokeSaladAnnie

    SMU and Tanner Mordecai…

    playing Tulane tonight seems he may be as good or better than Murray, Hurts, Rattler and Williams as SMU is way up on Tulane tonight and going to be 7-0.
  7. PokeSaladAnnie

    AP Poll Week 8 - OSU - #8 Were 8 and ISU is unranked this week. Game time at 2:30pm.
  8. PokeSaladAnnie

    Edmonton plays Thursday..

    Trevor Harris has struggled in two losses. No announcement yet but Dakota Prukop or Taylor Cornelius could play. Prukop was just signed several weeks ago and was on injured list for first game, so my guess is Taylor may get his first start Thursday night but they are keeping it close to the...
  9. PokeSaladAnnie

    TT game 2 tickets parking pass

    Two tickets section 103 with parking pass. $150 per seat and $30 for pistol Pete parking pass or $330 for all. Will have to transfer to email elaectronically.
  10. PokeSaladAnnie

    College Game Day at Bedlam in Norman!!

    Just announced Herbie, Pollack, Reece, Desmond, Bear and Corso in Norman 11-21-2020. Who will be the guest picker on Zoom? Blake Griffin, Bob Stoops, Brian Bosworth, Trae Young, or ?
  11. PokeSaladAnnie

    Bye Week Blues!!!

    Anything happening this week? Cowboys and Chiefs have bye weeks. Maybe I should clean my house. What are you doing this weekend?
  12. PokeSaladAnnie

    4-1 now with remaining schedule...

    At KSU - win but close Bye At OU - win in OT TT - win big At TCU - win barely At BU - win big CCG - ISU or UT vs OSU - win big 10-1 Record and Big 12 Championship.
  13. PokeSaladAnnie

    Squinky five year reveal curse!!!

    revealed once again on Halloween, but everyone will forget once we beat KSU this Saturday. Remaining schedule: KSU. - Win Bye Week - Win OU - Win TT - Win TCU - Win BU - Win CCG - OSU vs Texas Win Playoffs OSTATE vs Notre Dame - Win OSTATE vs BAMA - Win Now that Squinky caused Texas...
  14. PokeSaladAnnie

    OSU is now a 2.5 favorite...

    as I must have misread originally opening odds. My Bad!!! ISU was an 8.5 point favorite last year... I didn’t check the date but it was 10-22-19 odds!!! Maybe wishful thinking... we should have just skipped 2020!!!
  15. PokeSaladAnnie

    2 tickets and GS parking Pass TCU game.

  16. PokeSaladAnnie

    Ranked 21 in AP and 25 in Amway!!!

    Amway Poll 1ALA5-0156229212/2 2CLEM5-01526301-11/1 3UGA4-0144613—3/3 4OKLA4-0137304—4/4 5OSU5-013624615/6 6LSU4-0134905-15/6 7AUB5-0119807—7/16 8FLA5-0110008—8/10 9WIS4-0109709—9/17 10ND3-1987010—7/10 11PSU4-0978011—11/14 12TEX3-1912012—9/13 13ORE3-1813013—13/18 14IOWA4-0790014—14/19...
  17. PokeSaladAnnie

    Go Houston Thread!!!

    I picked OU to put the hex on them. I believe OSU has some players transfer to HOU. HOU has a 6’7” Aussie Punter that just punted 69-yards. OU 7 HOU 0 going into second quarter!!!
  18. PokeSaladAnnie

    Rickie Fowler's Mullett?

    Is that a Mullet and mustache on Fowler? I wonder if he gets more money endorsements with a Mullett? I know he wears Orange on Sundays, so will the Mullett help him wins some Big Ones? I know Gundy is one of the highest paid coaches with a Mullett, but I bet Fowler brings home more bacon due...
  19. PokeSaladAnnie

    CWS Irony...

    Had we beat TT we would either be playing FSU or Arkansas on Monday. FSU looks like they have already been written in to get to the finals. Either TT or ARK will be eliminated on Monday. FSU had the first shutout in CWS since the 80’s. TT lost their lead off hitter with a broken thumb in our...