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  1. The Poke

    Week 13 - Games of Interest

    Here are the key matchups, times & networks for this week. Preferred winner in bold. Friday #4 Cincinnati (11-0) @ East Carolina (7-4) 2:30 PM - ABC Saturday #1 Georgia (11-0) @ Georgia Tech (3-8) 11:00 AM - ABC #2 Ohio State (10-1) @ #5 Michigan (10-1) 11:00 AM - FOX (one of them gets a...
  2. The Poke

    Cowgirl Softball - Standings

    If I looked at the standings correctly the girls can clinch a 2nd place conference finish with 2 wins this weekend over Texas. The Sooners series with Baylor was changed to a double header on 4/27 after that series was cancelled earlier this month due to COVID issues within Baylor (continuing...
  3. The Poke

    Baseball Summary

    Updated: I was doing some comparisons to last season. Through the first 16 games we have the same record as 2019 at 11-5. The seasons breakdowns are almost identical with different opponents. Let's hope the BYU series was the spark this team needed to start pulling away. Things to note through...
  4. The Poke

    Mason Rudolph in at QB

    Big Ben is injured and Mason is in now that Dobbs was traded away to Jacksonville. He just threw a TD to pull to within 2 of Seattle.
  5. The Poke

    Big 12 Baseball Standings - Final Weekend

    Going into the final weekend it's an interesting race. If I'm thinking correctly we can finish anywhere from 1st to 6th. * Hoping for Cowboy and Horned Frog sweeps. * KU owns the tie-breaker over OSU. Need 1 win to finish above KU. * WVU is finished with conference play with 13 wins. OSU...