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  1. newpoke

    Big 12 week 2.

    Playing tonight. I'm surprised CC's coach, Jamey Chadwell is still there, considering the season they had last year. Really like the spread-option offense they run--very efficient. Pound for pound their OL was one of the best in the country last year. Although undersized, they steamrolled...
  2. newpoke

    Is this the deepest (most talented) team we've had?

    I know these are really two different questions, but thought I'd combine them. Looking over the roster, I can't remember a time when we had this kind of quality depth, particularly at RB, OL, DL and DB. We are legitimately at least two or three deep at every position with real talent--albeit...
  3. newpoke

    Basketball Thoughts

    Admittedly, I’m not really a basketball guy, but looking over next year’s likely roster, we seem to be pretty stacked. I know there are a few that have yet to produce, but have the potential to be very good. I’d like to know y’all’s expectations for next year, who you think the starters and...
  4. newpoke

    How do we finish?

    We’ve got TT, TCU and Baylor left on the regular season schedule. Do we win out? I’d like to believe we do, but after watching how anemic our offense is, I think we drop at least one of those three. Thoughts?