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    Les Miles....Done “After losing the 2012 National Championship game, Miles attempted to sexualize the staff of student workers in the football program by, for instance, allegedly demanding that he wanted 'blondes with the big boobs'...
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    Larry Scott out Those failings were exacerbated by curiously high expenses, none greater the Pac-12 Network maintaining a lavish San Francisco headquarters that cost the conference nearly $7 million in rent per...
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    OSU Grad Student Found Living in O'Hare for 3 Months

    Strange story.
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    Melvin Sanders

    Hadn't thought about him in awhile. Gottlieb was talking NFL playoffs & talking about the Titans. Didn't realize that Melvin Sanders is Derrick Henry's personal trainer.
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    RIP Tommy Lasorda

    While I've never been a Dodgers fan, I was a Lasorda fan. Read his bio years ago for a paper in school & like him ever since. RIP
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    Entire NCAA Tourney in Indy

    Looks like it'll be a bubble for this year's March Madness. While I agreed with Pitino that they should have delayed the season, I do think a bubble gives them the best chance for success in holding the tourney.
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    CFP Moving Back?

    Being talked about, according to Bob Bowlsby. Gotta find a way to get tOSU in there!
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    Remember When We Were Headed To The PAC12?

    Good lord I'm glad that didn't happen, although I thought it was a good idea at the time. Interesting read on where they're spending their $$$, given they distribute $7 million less per school than the Big 12. Notable items: PAC12 spends over 7% of their budget on employee salaries, NO other...
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    Mason Getting Another Start

    Looking like he's starting this weekend
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    Billy Tubbs in Hospice Care

    I always considered Tubbs a lovable villain & a guy with a pretty keen sense of humor.
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    8% Chance for CFP

    R u freaking kiddo??? That’s what it was today on Gamefay for. Big 12 team making it to the playoff. B1G was @ 40%, PAC12 @ 30%. Not saying we make it, but good good, the PAC12??? F ‘em all & keep winning Pokes!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NY AG: NYPD Should Stop Making Traffic Stops

    Unreal. NEW YORK (AP) — New York's attorney general on Friday recommended the New York Police Department get out of the business of routine traffic enforcement, a...
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    Russia, Again.... It all began in July when Delaney received a private message on Twitter from "Alex Lacusta," who introduced himself as...
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    Labor Day Weekend Sports

    Well, here we go sports fans. This weekend: Kentucky Derby NBA playoffs MLB stretch run NHL playoffs PGA College Football NFL starting next Thursday
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    Stillwater Losing American Airlines As of now, service may resume in November, but this sucks. When they went to one flight a day, in the afternoon, it...
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    NCAA will permit college athletes to wear patches on their uniforms that promote and support social justice causes. The NCAA will permit college athletes to wear patches on their uniforms that promote and support social justice causes. As approved by the NCAA’s Playing Rules...
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    BLM Street Mural in Tulsa Being Removed

    Well, this is interesting.
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    Paging Nolaeer!!!! The school announced Koenning's departure by mutual agreement, which athletic director Shane Lyons said in a statement Wednesday was ''in the best interest of our football program.'' Coach Neal...
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    Can't Make It Up: OU Now Wants to Play Opener EARLIER "According to the Oklahoman, the Sooners have petitioned the NCAA to move up their Sept. 5 game against Missouri State to Aug. 29. FCS-level Missouri State is, per the report...
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    Stanford Cuts 11 of 36 Varsity Sports Had a thread about COVID & sports, but it got moved to the political board by great moderation. Sooo, back to that topic, in a sports thread nonetheless, if Stanford's slashing...