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  1. StillwaterTownie

    Majorie Taylor Greene Thread

    Really. She doesn't know her political ass from a hole in the ground.
  2. StillwaterTownie

    The last days of Roe?

    I disagree. Most women want abortion because their unwanted pregnancy occurred at the wrong time in their lives and can't see going through the entire 9 months of it. Where abortion is banned, they can just purchase drugs to induce abortion or use Plan B. If Republicans ban all access to...
  3. StillwaterTownie


    Stillwater Hospital was said to have lost 40 nurses burnt out from last winter's onslaught of covid patients. Why support circumstances that lead to a further shortage of nurses? Do masks that medical workers have to wear work or not?
  4. StillwaterTownie


    The covid vaccine requirement for workers should be overturned. If I'm right, Stillwater Hospital still requires everybody entering to have a mask on and get temp taken. That should be enough precautions to take. That is sure no way to treat a R.N. with 25 years on the job. Does the...
  5. StillwaterTownie


    To me, it simply reflects COVID-19 more than ever before is still reputed to be a mild and brief illness for most people in good health. When I go out to shows, bars and stores only a very few people wear masks. While many are, I doubt enough older people are taking the virus seriously enough.
  6. StillwaterTownie

    Rittenhouse Trial

    Kyle should have never been foolish enough to go to a bar to hang out with the Proud Boys. But maybe you feel guilt by association doesn't count there.
  7. StillwaterTownie

    City of Stillwater thread

    Right, I had the chicken Fajita Chimichanga meal there the other evening. It was very good. It had more to it than the Chimichangas at Mexico Joe's and Palomino's, both which are about the same. Unlike Mexico Joe's, Mariachi's is my idea of a real Mexican restaurant from it having Mexican...
  8. StillwaterTownie

    all things stitt

    Stitt loves Trump and so is inspired to act that way.
  9. StillwaterTownie

    Julius Jones

    I'm glad that nobody is try to sow further doubt by proclaiming from prison that he is the real killer, not Jones.
  10. StillwaterTownie

    Windows 11 Has Been Out

    Windows has been out since Oct. 5. Has anyone tried and think it's better for being less cluttered?
  11. StillwaterTownie

    Qanon believers gather in Dallas to see JFK Jr reveal he will run with Trump 2024

    To entertain the gullible crowd, a man made up to look and sound like JFK jr. should have showed up and gave an awesome speech declaring he was going to beat Mike Lindell in presenting even more convincing evidence on Monday to the Supreme Court proving the 2020 presidential election was a...
  12. StillwaterTownie

    Qanon believers gather in Dallas to see JFK Jr reveal he will run with Trump 2024

    Just another example showcasing how being devoted to being pro-Trump can mess up your mind pretty damned bad! Our enemies probably wonder about us and how they can plot with our gullibility, if they haven't already.
  13. StillwaterTownie

    Qanon believers gather in Dallas to see JFK Jr reveal he will run with Trump 2024

    They were just lonely Trump supporters wanting an excuse to get together and socialize. I hope they weren't going because they were stupid and gullible.
  14. StillwaterTownie


    Blame it on the anti-vaccine fanatics. What they say against covid vaccines is mighty frightening and surely causing people not to get vaccinated. To me, what they do amounts to medical terrorism. Compounding the situation is staffing problems caused by people quitting their jobs to not have...
  15. StillwaterTownie

    Hofmeister to run for governor

    Really. That 36.1% figure indicates to me that not enough people are thinking anybody but Stitt. He hasn't pissed off enough people to lose, so far.
  16. StillwaterTownie

    The Biden Administration Thread

    That's why I could never vote for either one of them. I figured I would have too many moments saying to myself, "I can't believe I voted for that man!"
  17. StillwaterTownie

    City of Stillwater thread

    Capacity is 1100. Finally, OSU has an auditorium bigger than the one at Stillwater High School. I don't know what you mean by "good" seats but many seats were closer to the performer than seats in a big city arena. Acoustics were fine and not too ear splitting loud. Hopefully, McKnight...
  18. StillwaterTownie

    Another former GOP to run against Stitt..

    He was going to run against Stitt as a Republican. His constituents heard so much about him they didn't like that he got voted out of office in the 2018 primary. He was pro vaccine mandates and opposed legalizing medical marijuana. His loss helped convince Republican legislators to adopt a...
  19. StillwaterTownie

    Another former GOP to run against Stitt..

    Democrats would agree to it, but I don't see Republicans supporting getting rid of straight party voting, even it could be put on the ballot. Neither do I think anybody wants to petition for a vote on it. If Democrats could have seen what was coming, they would have tried to ban it.
  20. StillwaterTownie


    Here's is the rather long story on that: