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    Future of college sports question

    This thread is not meant to start a political debate, so I ask that we stay clear of that path. I only mention the following as an introduction for a question to the fan base. With the direction of college sports in terms of pay for players, student athlete unionization, name licensing...
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    Kenny G!! (Cowgirl softball)

    Props to Coach G and the Cowgirls on an impressive 4-1 record in CSP. I think you could make an argument that Coach G is only behind Coach Smith as the best coach we have on campus. In a little over 4 years he has taken a middle of the road B12 team to a legit top 10 program.
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    MBB-All you need to know

    I'm a big Mike Boynton fan and am still excited about the future of the program but this is all you need to know. Assist per Game - Rank 283 Offensive Rebounds per Game - Rank 148 Field Goal Percentage - Rank 270 Summary= we dribble around the perimeter looking for an open 3, then when the...
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    My dreams are slowly coming true

    As much of a football fan as I am, I've always dreamed of OSU being a Basketball school. I was lucky enough to grow up in the Eddie days of sold out GIA and elite 8's. Its nothing that the younger generation has ever experienced in Stillwater, even the 2011 football season (in my opinion). I...
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    Dream BB Line Up Next year

    I would love to see this team roll out next year: PG - 6'4 Ice / Avery Anderson. ICE has to develop a perimeter game to really be dominant. SG - 6'6 Lindy / (Better of: Dizzy, Jones, Watson). I think Lindy is too slight for the SF position. Would be a SG in the pro's SF - 6'6 Crime dog /...
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    Is OSU the new KSU

    I've had this thought for awhile and I don't know if it is a good or bad thing but Gundy seems to be taking OSU down the Bill Snyder path. Does this sound familiar: Hire above average coaches that are loyal and don't have an obsession with moving up the ladder, recruit a bunch of high character...