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  1. ProPoke

    Is the Monkey still clapping?

    I just saw Mr. Orange Power is hanging it up and it got me thinking about the guy who would bring a toy monkey on a pole and hoist it up during the game. I remember seeing this monkey in the 80's I think. Is the guy still bringing the clapping monkey to games?
  2. ProPoke

    We're Going Bowling!

    At least that is what Athlon Pre-Season Bowl Projections say. We're playing in the Alamo against Arizona State. It's interesting they have Texas in the Cheez-It so they have us having a better season than Texas and Iowa State in the Sugar. I wonder if any of these super early predictions have...
  3. ProPoke

    Charles Crawford

    Maybe this has been posted before but using the search engine here didn't turn up anything. Charles Crawford was a running back in 1983 and 1984. I remember watching him and it looked like he was going to be a star. 6' 2" and 235. He ran a 4.5 and looked like he was going to be the next...
  4. ProPoke

    Mount Rushmore of OSU Coaches

    The passing of Eddie Sutton got me to thinking who would be on OSU's Mount Rushmore of coaches. I would think Eddie Sutton, Henry Iba and Gary Ward would be locks. After those three, maybe Ed Gallagher with his 11 National Championships or maybe Mike Holder with his 8 National Championships...
  5. ProPoke

    Dexter Manley

    The all time sacks leader for the Washington Redskins and all time great OSU player Dexter Manley has tested COVID-19 positive and is on oxygen. Hopefully he recovers in the near future...
  6. ProPoke

    Way Too Early Bowl Expectations

    With less than one week before the start of the first game, let's have some fun. What bowl are you expecting the team to play in this year? What is your favorite bowl destination and your least favorite bowl and why? Obviously your favorite bowl should be where the national championship is...