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  1. oSuAusTex

    Just wondering

    No posts since August of this year???? Anyway, what a heart breaking loss tonight on that 70 foot winner for the other team as time expired.
  2. oSuAusTex

    Tim Tebow tv ad

    Can someone explain the Tim Tebow tv ad appearing during tv sports events. It has some other athletes discussing he "Can't handle the curve" I do NOT get it. What is the story behind "the curve" Thanks
  3. oSuAusTex


    Wow, I did not realize Antarctica was this large:
  4. oSuAusTex

    Bond, James Bond

    You were the one, the only one. RIP sir
  5. oSuAusTex

    Vikings vs Seahawks

    I would have kicked the FG to go ahead and make the Seahawks make a TD plus 2 point conversion. Big Dan Bailey fan, but also happy Chris Carson was on the winning team.
  6. oSuAusTex

    Friday Cowgirl Bedlam Postponed

    From oSu official website: STILLWATER — Oklahoma State's 2020 season opener at Oklahoma, scheduled for tonight in Norman, has been postponed due to COVID-19 precautions. The teams will look to reschedule the match at a later date. The decision was made when the number of positive COVID-19...
  7. oSuAusTex

    oSu Cowboy Marching Band info

    As an ex-Cowboy drummer (many years ago..LOL) I thought this cut/paste below (from oSu Band website from July 28th) would be informative for my fellow oSu fans: Questions & Unknowns There are many unknown variables for this season. We do not have all the answers from all of the entities that we...
  8. oSuAusTex

    West Nile Virus in OKLA

    And the year 2020 keeps on being the BEST-est year EVER!!! SMH :facepalm: From KOCO-TV website: Oklahoma City-County Health Department epidemiologists confirmed that a sample of mosquitoes from a trap in Oklahoma County has tested positive for West Nile virus, officials announced Monday...
  9. oSuAusTex

    Your "Stay at Home" name

  10. oSuAusTex

    NO FANS for March Madness

    Just saw the news WOW WOW WOW
  11. oSuAusTex

    NO Fans for NIT???

    With a good chance of going to the NIT and possible host, will fans be allowed? The NCAA just announced NO fans for the Big Dance, both men and women. WOW
  12. oSuAusTex

    Sunday Baseball time change

    Game time has been moved up to 12 noon on Sunday. (Because of possible weather) As posted on the official oSu Baseball twitter. Just in case some fans don't know, all the home games at Allie P are free admit.
  13. oSuAusTex

    TCU @ oSu Wednesday

    As if it is bad enough that the men's basketball attendance has been depressing, is predicting 1 to 4 inches of snow for Stillwater Wednesday. Same similar predictions OKC, and maybe less for Tulsa. And being a weekday game, I am guessing attendance will be one of the lowest this...
  14. oSuAusTex

    SuperBowl BPS commercial

    If you were a fan that attended the WVU-oSu basketball game tonight, and happened to look out the concourse windows onto BPS field, did you notice all the activity going on in the stadium? I asked an official in GIA what was going on. He stated Kia was filming a Super Bowl commercial...
  15. oSuAusTex

    OPEN Basketball Practice Aug 1st

    I have not seen a post about this. Here is link: Here is cut/paste: STILLWATER – Mike Boynton and the Oklahoma State basketball team will host an open practice for fans and media...
  16. oSuAusTex

    Season Ticket (General Admission) deal for 5 Sports!!!

    Was looking at the oSu Baseball twitter, and it has a link to this Ticketmaster website. Deal is for general admission tickets to Women's Soccer, Basketball and Softball. AND same for Wrestling and Baseball. All for total of 100 dollars. Great deal. I had it for last year, only soccer...
  17. oSuAusTex

    SEC ! SEC ! SEC ! (All Burn)

  18. oSuAusTex

    52nd NCAA Champ Banner

    An added plus for attending this Saturday's West Virginia basketball game: Jimmy Gillispie‏ @jgillispie_stw Mar 5 Hey #okstate fans, make sure you’re on time to Saturday’s @OSUMBB game to celebrate this historic moment in @OSUCowboyGolf. The national championship banner will be unveiled before...
  19. oSuAusTex

    Iowa Baseball schedule change

    STILLWATER – Due to a weekend forecast of inclement weather, Oklahoma State has changed the schedule for its series with Iowa at Allie P. Reynolds Stadium. The two teams will open the series with a Friday doubleheader beginning at 1 p.m., with the second game set to begin 30 minutes after the...
  20. oSuAusTex

    ORU Baseball Postponed/New Pics

    As noted in the Wright State thread (Post 104), the ORU game has been postponed due to weather. What I also want to note, the oSu Baseball Twitter has updated pics of the baseball stadium construction (bird's eye view). One pic shows what appears to be a new parking lot??? just east of the...