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  1. Chi Phi Poke

    Boise state/Game a thread combined

    OSU's football season ends this weekend
  2. Chi Phi Poke

    TX abortion law

    At 19-20 weeks an anatomy scan is done on the baby to ensure that the child is developing normally. Often at this time, things are discovered that the baby may not develop normally or will have a difficult life. The mother should have the right to chose to continue or to terminate. 60-70% of...
  3. Chi Phi Poke

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    BYU, Cincinnati, Houston in the Big 12!!! Rebranding to the Little 12 sounds better.....God, we are screwed!
  4. Chi Phi Poke

    An OSU alumn who also attended USC

    An OSU alumn who also attended USC
  5. Chi Phi Poke

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    Silver lining........ we won't lose to OU every year anymore. Just once in a while. Dream come true for Gundy!
  6. Chi Phi Poke

    don't look now -- Toxic Maxine Finance Committee

    You sound like someone who constantly watches fox news and has been brainwashed. But what about Obama? Are you sure you aren't inherently racist, I mean I know a lot of people from Oklahoma State who are educated but have inherently racist roots. Why are people of color making make you so...