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  1. matxdad

    OSU Basketball: Eddie Elroy out due to injured knee.....

    Watching Quantum Leap today and saw episode "Nuclear Family" Name of the Person Leaped Into:: Eddie Elroy, a junior student at Oklahoma State, currently working for his older brother to sell bomb shelters to make extra money. Leap Date:: October 26, 1962 Broadcast Date:: Wednesday, May 15...
  2. matxdad


    It's a very Brady...... Nevermind.
  3. matxdad


    No, but Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy are.
  4. matxdad


    Brady hits a bunch in for UCLA - 3 run home run by Myra Brady.
  5. matxdad

    Stillwater Regional - Welcome MSU, GCU, and UA to Stillwater!

    OSU..... I think... Based on this website having us listed on the bottom.
  6. matxdad

    OSU Baseball in Big XII Tournament thread

    Joey Zanaboni Zanaboni, whose colorful calls and over-the-top similes have gained national attention over his first two months in Fredericksburg, including a...
  7. matxdad

    OSU Baseball in Big XII Tournament thread

    Game 1: No. 4 Oklahoma State vs. No. 5 Texas | 9 a.m. | ESPNU Rest of day 1 on ESPN+ See more info here...
  8. matxdad

    Fixing the American National Unity problem

    Everything initially has to be submitted anomalously and read in a neutral voice. Bills introduced in congress are weighed good/bad pending on the author and the (R/D) next to their name instead on the content of bills. Only after a bill is passed/failed will the author(s) be revealed. The Q/A...
  9. matxdad

    City of Stillwater thread 7-Eleven convenience store coming to 711 N. Main By Michelle Charles Dec 27, 2021 “Yes, 7-Eleven will be going in at 711 N. Main St.,”...
  10. matxdad

    Making my first visit to O'Brate Stadium.

    If you get there early enough, easy parking beyond center field. Getting out after the game is fairly easy, pending on where in the lot you park. ..... and at the end of the day we'll be the first ones out.
  11. matxdad


    Tampa Bay Bandits roster 55 Michael Scott DE 6'5" 240 lbs Oklahoma State
  12. matxdad

    USFL-Here We Go Again!

    Tampa Bay Bandits roster 55 Michael Scott DE 6'5" 240 lbs Oklahoma State
  13. matxdad

    Cowgirl Softball Stadium Question

    Someone used an example of a MLB striking out to a fastpitch softball player indicating how tough the sport was. In my opinion that is a bad example. I said nothing bad about fastpitch, just that it takes time to learn to hit anything different... including a slow arch pitch softball when you...
  14. matxdad

    Cowgirl Softball Stadium Question

    fastpitch softball striking out MLB players..... I bet MLB players would strikeout fastpitch hitters... I've been playing slow pitch softball for many many years. I love it when we get the 20 year old baseball players and they strike out trying hit our arching slow pitches. Eventually they...
  15. matxdad

    2022 Cowboy Baseball

    Tonight's contest against No. 9 Oklahoma State has been moved to tomorrow due to rain in the forecast. First pitch is set for 6 p.m.
  16. matxdad

    2022 Cowboy Baseball

    And only one series away from home.... 4 games at University of Hawaii.
  17. matxdad

    Silly Picture Thread

    OSU Tiki Man Or just the Big 12 logo turned on it's side. I recently had a partial knee replacement. I watched the Bedlam wrestling match today while laying on the floor moving my leg in the CPM (continuous passive motion) machine. From a sideways point of view the Tiki man was easy to see...
  18. matxdad

    2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

    Technically they started yesterday (team figure skating, moguls, coed curling and I'm sure some other things). Opening ceremonies earlier this morning (live at 5:30 am) or tonight (replay).
  19. matxdad

    Show Us Your Bags (Cornhole)

    If I'm looking at the right "last photo" - bottom right - I believe what you are seeing is a fence (yellow safety tube on top) dividing one court from another.
  20. matxdad

    Stadium Renovations

    Paint the stairs and other concrete - simple/low cost for big appearance upgrade. Move the bathroom signs that the "Beer" and I guess other concession signs have covered up so that they are once again visible.