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  1. J

    Stillwater tree removal

    I have a lot in Stillwater with 3 very large mature trees that I need taken down to about 4 foot stumps anyone have any insight on who is the most reasonable in town? I plan on getting three estimates and only one tree has one limb hanging over a roof next door otherwise my lot is completely...
  2. J

    Stillwater area accountant needed

    Need to get an accountant in the Stillwater area.Really anyone in a 20 mile radius will work.I am self employed and have a couple LLC's.Small farming operation and a couple rental properties.Not too complicated overall. I just want someone who will give me tips to save on taxes when they see...
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  4. J

    Women’s CWS ticket question

    Would love to take my kids Thursday night to watch OSU. Don’t really want to pay $145 per game on Ticketmaster. How many tickets will be available outside the gate and will they be reasonable?
  5. J

    O'brate Questions

    Where would the extra seating be located during a regional? Why do we not have a grassy berm in the outfield area for fans and families to sit instead of concrete? What is the purpose of the covered centerfield porch area? Is the Jumbotron under warranty? The picture already looks like a 2001...
  6. J

    Vehicle Hitch installation-Stw

    Need to get a hitch installed on my SUV.Anyone know a place in Stillwater who does that?
  7. J


    I took my son to the Auburn versus Arkansas basketball game last night in Fayetteville. This is the first time I had been in Bud Walton Arena and let me tell you they do it right. Students were lined up hours in advance the university had a music fired up and those kids were getting into it...
  8. J

    Purcell OK Realtor needed

    Got an 80 acre plot on paved road with rural water.Need a realtor with land/hunting experience to get this sold for me.Asking for names and recommendations.Really anyone that knows that area is fine with me .Thanks
  9. J

    BB Tickets

    Section 328 Saturday Dec 5 $80 for the pair 405-762-1832
  10. J

    ISU need 1 ticket

    I have 2 but need 1 more for my son.
  11. J

    Iowa State Need 1

    I have 2 but want to buy 1 more to take both boys so please message if you have one.
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  13. J

    Need 4 for ISU

    They dont have to be together.Prefer cheap ones to just get in the doors.Taking little ones who wont watch the game.Send me your price.Thanks
  14. J

    Slab leak repair

    Anyone ever had one? I live in Stillwater and have had 3 fixed by Hi Tech Plumbing out of Edmond.They do a good job but 1600 for 4 hrs of work each time seems extreme.Anyone had one fixed by a Stillwater plumber and what did it cost? I have them rerouted overhead through the attic.Just wondering...
  15. J

    Georgetown arrival

    Anyone know when the visiting team usually arrives at gia for a 7pm game?
  16. J

    Need 4 for KSU

    Looking to spend around 100-120 total.I know this wont get me much but we dont care where we sit.The kids will likely not watch or last the whole game anyway.
  17. J

    Price ?-Buying Used Car from dealer

    So my wife wants a Buick enclave.looking at 2016-17 with 20-30k miles.prices are around 22k.i have never bought FROM a dealer.always buy FROM a individual on craigslist or autotrader.i have found out very few people sell their own anymore.seems like the dealers will not come off the price at...
  18. J

    Fencing around duck and mcelroy

    Softball expansion? Any idea what is going east of the tennis center?
  19. J

    Homeowners insurance

    Progressive dropped me bc we have a trampoline.they want me to get rid of it and take pics to prove it to renew thanks.this is not north korea. Anyone have any suggestions for home and auto insurance for a couple with no claims but do have a trampoline WITH a net? Hell I grew up on one...
  20. J

    Sam presti

    He was behind the osu bench today against ku.likely scouting our walk-ons.