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  1. OSUinTX

    What the H is up with Cowgirl Golf

    A couple months ago, arguably the No. 1 or 2 player on the squad, Caley McGinty enters the portal mid-season. Now the other half of the No. 1 or 2 pairing, Isabella Fierro, has entered the portal mid season. WTH??????
  2. OSUinTX

    Home Security Systems

    Due to a series of random oddball events, it is time to get my mother's home set up with a security system. Been in the same house on two acres at the edge of town since 1978, but it is no longer 1978. Doing research on my own, but wanted to throw out a feeler for systems and vendors those on...
  3. OSUinTX

    2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

    As a kid I dreamed of being an Olympian and would watch every minute of coverage. Now... Had absolutely no idea they started today until I saw a news bite.
  4. OSUinTX

    2021 PXG College Golf Showcase

    Airs tonight from Scottsdale and includes Eugenio Chacarra from our Pokes. Casual small group challenge of two 4-person teams, each with three college players, one anchored by comedian/actor Rob Riffle, the other by ex-NFLer Jerome Bettis. Will not spoil it but will state Chacarra was the...
  5. OSUinTX

    Furniture Buying In North Dallas

    Spent huge portions of the past several weeks looking for new master bedroom and living room furniture. Today we found ourselves at Ashley Furniture in Frisco near 121 and DNT. Had a great kid working with us named Chris P. who said everyone calls him Crispy. Not sure how it all transpired but...
  6. OSUinTX

    They Should Wear a Sleeve Patch in His Memory

    Gap Band founder Ronnie Wilson dies.
  7. OSUinTX

    Last Two Weeks of the PGA Season

    BMW Championship starts tomorrow and Viktor Hovland is the only Cowboy with a legitimate shot at making it to the Tour Championship next week. He had a bad final round Monday and dropped to 14th in the FedEx Cup standings. Other notable names... Rickie Fowler - Did not even make the first...
  8. OSUinTX

    Cowboys in the US Open

    Yeah, that would be just two. Hovland and Wolff. Good to see Wolff back. Rickie did not get in but there is a couple days so he still might. Wyndham Clark is also in. Of note, Rahm is back from his Covid quarantine and losing a ton of money two weeks ago.
  9. OSUinTX

    Looking for advice for yet another computer

    Sometimes it feels like I go through computers faster than a box of crackers. Spend most of my working hours at home, on the computer. Most of my work is done on Word, Excel, Adobe, various picture managers, Google Earth, an old version of AutoCad and of course, the internet where I would...
  10. OSUinTX

    Larry Fedora Fired from Baylor

    BYU OC taking over at Baylor. Really surprised this has not come up yet with all the Tom Herman, and OC discussion in general..
  11. OSUinTX

    To help forget the TCU game--Viktor Hovland wins Mayakoba Classic two off the lead heading into the final round at the Mayakoba Classic. Playing great and getting a huge amount of air time. Guy is really making a name for himself as a top notch, consistent player. They mention his OSU tie about every other hole but then towards the end while...
  12. OSUinTX

    No Respect for Karsten Creek

    Despite a one-off hosting of the 2018 Men's and Women's Golf Championships with immaculate conditions at one of the preeminent collegiate courses and what appeared to be a larger crowd than is typical for the event, looks like it will be a while before OSU gets another shot. Blessings CC...
  13. OSUinTX

    Bond is Dead

    Acclaimed by many to be the best James Bond ever, Sean Connery died today at 90. Type of guy that other guys would say they want to be like. Good looking, suave, debonaire, aged unbelievably well and unknown to many, he was a pioneer in the body building industry, even placing in Mr. Universe...
  14. OSUinTX

    Viktor Hovland Wins Puerto Rico Open for First PGA Win

    The Puerto Rico Open at -18 which if he holds on to his one-stroke lead tomorrow, will be his first win as a Tour Pro. It is also a sanctioned PGA Tour event so he would get 500 FedEx Cup points which would move him up from his current 131st place at 120 points to somewhere in the 30 range...
  15. OSUinTX

    So Is Anyone Watching the SOTU Address?

    Thought I would start a thread so comments can be centralized instead of all over. My first comment is if you gauged by MSM's limited coverage, you would not even know it had taken place tonight. Partisanship is so palpable in that chamber I am surprised a melee has not broken out...
  16. OSUinTX

    Access to the website

    For roughly the past month, every time I go into to look up athletic stuff, all I get is The only link that works is the Schedule tab. Cannot get to sports directories, archives, etc. etc. just this page and the schedule. Address in the bar reads right. The link on the front...
  17. OSUinTX

    Good BR Article on Chuba

    Sorry if this is a duplicate. Looked but did not see this one referenced anywhere.
  18. OSUinTX

    Wish I Liked Soccer

    This year's Cowgirl team seems to be ahead of the curve seeing has how some had them predicted to be at the bottom of the conference standings. --Just beat the No. 6 team in the nation (do not know the score as the O'Colly article did not bother to say but it appears to be 2-1). --Undefeated...
  19. OSUinTX

    ECON 1101-Construction Development Financing; Instructor - David Boren So they are coming up short $8 million per year. Some math (apparently not taught at OU). 416 apartments at this development. $13,000 annual...
  20. OSUinTX

    2019 Money Magazine "Best Colleges For Your Money" ranking

    I normally do not put much weight in these as I am a proponent of "you get out what you put in", but any time the Orange and Black is on a list well above those 60 miles to the south....I smile just a little bit. Rank based on median SAT/ACT, cost without aid, cost with average grant...