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    110 year sentence for truck driver Curious as to what everyone thinks about this. From all I've read the sentence seems really excessive. Doesn't seem to be any political overtone to the issue, and hopefully it stays that way and people can...
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    Question about purchasing single game tickets

    I am only in a position where I can attend a game(football) in Stillwater once maybe twice per year, and when I do, I want to be sure to buy the game ticket from OSU so OSU recognizes the entire revenue. However, when I click on the links sent to me from, it takes me to...
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    Good story on Rudolph
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    California hippies

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. :):)
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    Dax Hill and Michigan

    So with Michigan tanking do they fire Harbaugh. And if so, does that mean Dax comes home to OSU?
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    OK gross....
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    Just put the family dog down

    Was hard on my son, grew up with the dog. I couldn't stand the damn animal, but I still got emotional.
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    Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA

    Sorry, not sure if this is the right place for this one, but I know a lot of you, and I just had to share. There are some beautiful IPA's in Colorado, Odell's is one of my favs, and of course Oregon with Dechutes, but I just ingested the perfect IPA. Fellas, the Dogfish 60 minute is perfection...
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    Credit for POTUS from a never Trumper

    I've been pretty vocal regarding my feelings towards Trump's fitness for office, and I'll maintain that he is unfit and possibly mentally ill, and hope Biden wins this time around. However, in an effort to balance that opinion with those who dismiss it as TDS, like @Bay Area Poke and others, I...
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    Yosemite, San Fran and Napa

    Planning an anniversary trip and I"m welcoming any tips or recommendations from anyone who has been there. Plan is to start in Sacremento and go to wine country for a couple days, then over to San Fran for a couple days, then over to Sequoia and/or Yosemite for the rest of the time. I'm...
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    Chinese consulate in Houston forced to close

    Anyone know the story behind this?? I thought it was a pretty interesting development.
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    Battlestar Galactica

    OK, I know the reboot is already about years old, but are there any other fans out there?? I've been recording episodes on my DVR on Comet, and re-watching them in order. Anyway, I think it is some of the best SciFI I've ever seen. Went minimalist on the tech, have great plots and character...
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    Anyone else enjoy them?? I believe they're a cross cut pork rib, but I'm not sure. Anyway, if any of you are looking for something a little different to throw on your grill, either for tailgates or otherwise, I recommend you give these a go. Just go to any Latin meat market and ask for them...
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    Anybody watching War of the Worlds

    Caught up with it recently. Thought it started out pretty well, but damn it is starting to drag and meander down some pretty hackneyed old sifi plot paths.
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    Russian Interference

    I thought this was an interesting article, mainly because I had no idea we sent troops to Russia during their revolution.
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    What do you guys think about this? Seems a fairly slight drop in the real estate market could really sink them. It's almost as if the CEO is making the same assumption that was made during the housing bubble, that real estate will continue to go up in value in perpetuity. Just doesn't seem...
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    New attorney general soon??

    Can't believe he'll last much longer after a statement like this.
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    Tyrell Alexander

    Didn't see anything posted about him entering the portal as a grad transfer. I remember he was a pretty highly sought after recruit, just couldn't quite crack the depth chart here. Had the misfortune of a ton of really good WR depth in his time here, so no shame in that. Glad to see he has...
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    Neal Peart, RIP

    I"m about as far from a Rush fan as you can get, but the guy was generally regarded as one of the top drummers of all time. Sad to see all these old rockers dropping like flies.
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    I support President Trump

    On at least this initiative. As much as that galls me to say, this one seems like a no-brainer. Damn I hate those calls.