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  1. 74072 Poke

    Big 12 game thread: Week 4

    Texas Tech invented bad defense.
  2. 74072 Poke

    The Big 12 Games Thread…

    Breakup the Jayhawks, they are 2-2 in their last 4 Big-12 games.
  3. 74072 Poke

    Watching Nebraska Northwestern

    Thompson looked like a transfer from a 5-7 team that went to a 3-9 team.
  4. 74072 Poke

    Football jersey ?

    I was there as well. Great comeback and a great performance by him and Bobby Reid.
  5. 74072 Poke

    OSU at WVU baseball

    My 2 non-baseball takeaways from the game. 1 - Nice to see K. Page in the wvu commercial. 2 - The wvu right field berm made me remember to get the weed killer out of my truck to kill some dandelions.
  6. 74072 Poke

    OSU vs Kansas Baseball Series

    Open 2 links on click listen on one link and watch on the other.
  7. 74072 Poke

    Portal News

    Here you go....transfer portal OSU
  8. 74072 Poke

    Derek Mason hired as DC

    :laugh::eek:Jimbo Elrod?!?!?:laugh::eek:
  9. 74072 Poke

    Derek Mason hired as DC

    I disagreed (Red X) with your post because you were wrong in stating he only had one year as a defensive coordinator. It was not to disagree with you about being cautiously optimistic.
  10. 74072 Poke

    Portal News

    A salary cap is not going to happen. The schools are not the ones paying the players - many different companies and organizations are. You cannot restrict a person's freedom to earn money. Say there was a salary cap. How in the world would you balance that with a player selling merchandise...
  11. 74072 Poke

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    UT & UTN should be put in separate divisions and not immediately scheduled to play each other. Make them burn a home non-conference game to play their neutered (neutral) site game.
  12. 74072 Poke

    Cowboys WIN 61-54 against #1 BAYLOR in WACO! Pokes are 9-7, 2-3 in conference. TCU on Wednesday

    I think it is only called (a technical) if contact is made with the ball or the player throwing the ball in.
  13. 74072 Poke

    Jason Taylor

    "He probably could have done it again at the end of the Fiesta Bowl had he wanted to score vs doing the smart thing of immediately hitting the turf." I thought the same thing until I saw the replay...he was hit/tackled.
  14. 74072 Poke

    Portal News

    Just saw Matt Polk, Freshman WR, got added to the portal.
  15. 74072 Poke

    Can We talk? (about Notre Dame)

    Randy Rutherford
  16. 74072 Poke

    Can We talk? (about Notre Dame)

    Brooks Thompson? Andre Owens?
  17. 74072 Poke

    Portal News

    Let's face it...that probably happened every year without the portal. Now there is a record of it when someone leaves their team.
  18. 74072 Poke

    Cowboys (1-0) WIN against UT-Arlington. vs Oakland on FRIDAY in GIA @7PM

    UBUNTU - Is that an advertisement on the warmup pullovers?
  19. 74072 Poke

    OSU at Tech 7:00pm on Fox

    UT-Norman at 11am....priceless.