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  1. TexasPoke

    Bedlam Game 5

    Where does Holliday's record against OU stand now?
  2. TexasPoke

    Big XII Tournament Thread

    You da best
  3. TexasPoke

    Big XII Tournament Thread

    Any links to a web stream? I had the channel for the early games but it switched over to a different one for OU-KSU.
  4. TexasPoke

    True Detective

    Apparently it was filmed over the course of just a day and a half, in seven tries. Pretty impressive stuff.
  5. TexasPoke

    Gameday Thread

    "Baylor girls can't handle our D"
  6. TexasPoke

    bad sports announcers list.

    Matt effing Millen
  7. TexasPoke

    Looking for two on Wednesday

    Looking for two KU/OSU tickets on Wednesday. Message me, thanks!
  8. TexasPoke

    Sandusky found guilty on 45 of 48 counts

    Looks like they're already having fun with him... http://deadspin.com/5920864/fellow-inmates-reportedly-sang-hey-teacher-leave-those-kids-alone-to-jerry-sandusky Following guilty verdicts on 45 of 48 counts, Jerry Sandusky was shipped off to Centre County Correctional Facility, the same facility...
  9. TexasPoke

    Rick Carlisle

    Just wait if the Thunder play the Spurs. Tim Duncan will take the whining to an entirely different stratosphere.
  10. TexasPoke

    Thunder v. Lake show

    Apparently Rob Lowe is a Thunder fan...
  11. TexasPoke

    ASUS Transformer Prime

    I just got my hands on my Prime today (no dock yet). Love it so far! Definitely the best android tablet on the market right now.
  12. TexasPoke

    Lamar Odom and Vince Carter to Mavs

    Love the Odom move, not so much on Carter. The offense will be better than last season with these acquisitions, though with the departure of Chandler there is no question the defense will take a hit. They definitely have taken a step back from last year but with Carlisle at the helm, I'm still...
  13. TexasPoke

    new MMO Star Wars the Old Republic

    Probably not a bad idea with the amount of hype it's getting. Honestly I don't think a MMO has had this much publicity prior to it's release aside from WOW. That being said I already have it pre-ordered...
  14. TexasPoke


    Bioware, the creators of the original KOTOR are working on a Star Wars MMO that will be set in the same time period. It doesn't exactly look like a complete reboot of KOTOR, as it has MMO game mechanics as opposed to what the previous games had. Still, with how great the stories were in both the...
  15. TexasPoke

    Thunder vs Fuglies Game 4

    Yes. If the Mavs were lose to the Thunder it would not be an issue of toughness. Chandler, Marion, and Stevenson are tough, defensive-minded players that bring an element to the Mavs that they have not had in previous seasons. Their problem is a lack of a consistent second scoring option...
  16. TexasPoke

    Starcraft II

    Anyone get a guest pass that they aren't using? I have a pretty low end PC and I would really like to see how well it runs before dropping $60. Your generosity is much appreciated!
  17. TexasPoke

    Arrested Devolpment = Modern Family

    Modern Family doesn't touch Arrested. This is a joke right?
  18. TexasPoke

    Zac at Practice

    Here is a photo album on the rookie camp for the Cowboys. Quite a few of Dez. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/teams/photo?photoId=2543162&team=dal