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  1. Cowboy0308

    Pokes in Seattle?

    There is a group that meets at The World Sports Grille in SLU. Usually only 8-12 people. I will be working and unable to attend.
  2. Cowboy0308

    Barry Sanders themed shoe

    Then please call me a dork. These are tight yo!
  3. Cowboy0308

    Sight seeing in Houston ?

    Houston Astros vs Seattle Mariners Thursday - Sunday.
  4. Cowboy0308

    Congratulations to NC State and Tom Holliday

    Really? Show me the press release on that. I'm sure Matt will give some money to the program at some point, but to say he is more of a Cowboy than Tom is just asinine. Your posts have lost all of what little credibility they already had.
  5. Cowboy0308

    Congratulations to NC State and Tom Holliday

    Matt Holliday but not Tom?
  6. Cowboy0308

    Congratulations to NC State and Tom Holliday

    Couldn't have said it better hoopjunkie.
  7. Cowboy0308

    Congratulations to NC State and Tom Holliday

    Omaha is failure? High standards.
  8. Cowboy0308

    Congratulations to NC State and Tom Holliday

    If devoting 26 years of your life to the university doesn't make you a Cowboy than I don't know what does. Holliday was a HEAD COACH that took us to Omaha. BTW, Gary Ward did not graduate from OSU.
  9. Cowboy0308

    Josh Holliday.......

    In what way is that similar?
  10. Cowboy0308

    New Baseball Stadium

    If Matt Holliday were to donate money for naming rights for a stadium, which I don't think he would, I bet he would want it to be called Holliday Stadium and not Holiday Stadium. I'm sure Matt will help out the program but I'm not sure about $15 Mil.
  11. Cowboy0308

    Video Board in East EZ

    I know Safeco Field and Coors Field operate out of a control room.
  12. Cowboy0308

    I Phone App for OSU (sports)Baseball - Anyone Using It?

    I emailed them twice this weekend. First to let them know that I am not getting Baseball score alerts and then yesterday to let them know that the app was broadcasting the wrestling dual instead of the baseball game.
  13. Cowboy0308

    Mike Holder visits Sports Media Club, has ideas

    Maybe they could keep the existing boards in the EEZ for ad space.
  14. Cowboy0308

    Orange vs Black Helmets

    I agree. I think they really missed the boat with the orange helmets this year. The Pistol Pete decal and orange brand on the orange helmets were not good. I also did not like the white face mask on the grey helmets.
  15. Cowboy0308

    DVR with no monehtly fee?

    $250 Magnavox HDD/DVD Recorder http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009L04DCQ/ref=gno_cart_title_5
  16. Cowboy0308

    Gundy still has an arm

    Needs to work on his mechanics.
  17. Cowboy0308

    OSU iPhone schedule wallpaper?

    Here is one I created.
  18. Cowboy0308

    Cowboy Baseball Concern

    Bring back Kyle Waters. He will have the field looking amazing.
  19. Cowboy0308

    Trivia... OSU baseball in MLB

    How about former Cowboys that are coaching in pro ball? Ventura and Farrell already mentioned Freddie Ocasio - COL Short-Season A Manager (Tri-Cities) Doug Dascenzo - ATL Baserunning & Outfield Coordinator Rick Kranitz - MIL Pitching Coach Elvin Nina - MIL Rookie Pitching Coach (Helena)