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  1. internationalaw

    An OP Original Sione Finefeuiaki Interview

    2017 FB recruit Sione Finefeuiaki is just over a week away from reporting to OSU. Sione finished his online class today, the only thing standing between him and OSU. Sione was kind of enough to take a few minutes out of his day to answer several questions. A unique recruit as he is a legitimate...
  2. OP 9000

    SBNation Bowl Projections Haven't seen someone predict the Big 12 quite like this... 1. TCU 2. Oklahoma 3. Texas 4. West Virginia 5. Oklahoma State 6. Texas Tech 7. Baylor
  3. OP 9000

    Underwood Hosting Letterman's Social July 29

    Calling all former Oklahoma State basketball letterwinners, managers, and staff members – Brad Underwood wants you back at Gallagher-Iba Arena. Underwood believes letterwinners are the lifeblood of Oklahoma State basketball, so the first-year Cowboy head coach will host the STILLwater HOME...
  4. OP 9000

    Good read on Rickie Fowler... Worth a read when you have time.
  5. OP 9000

    Big 12 NFL Draft Prospects So if potential NFL talent is any indication... it's us and OU this year....
  6. OP 9000

    Athlon OSU Preview They also slotted us in at No. 25 in their preseason poll.
  7. OP 9000

    Big 12 QB'S

    Athlon has an article ranking the Big 12 QB's... Rudolph comes in 4th. Fair? No?