2017 NWCA Championship vs. Penn State

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Nov 10, 2009
Rounding third and heading for Omaha
man, maybe I am drinking the :koolaid: but Pendleton was absolutely dominant and if he could crush beasts like 2x Champ & Olympian Ben Askren, not only do I think he could beat Ed Ruth on any given day but he certainly wouldn't be giving up bonus points
Exactly. He was something like 8 or 9-1 vs. Askren. Decent chance Askren could have been a four-timer if not for Pendleton.

I still contend that he might have been the best wrestler pound-for-pound of those early 2000s teams. Dude was just a technician on the mat.
Jun 23, 2009
New York
Exactly. He was something like 8 or 9-1 vs. Askren. Decent chance Askren could have been a four-timer if not for Pendleton.

I still contend that he might have been the best wrestler pound-for-pound of those early 2000s teams. Dude was just a technician on the mat.
agreed, Pendleton is probably my favorite OSU wrestler of all time. Also, there's no "decent chance," Askren would have absolutely been a 4xer if Chris wasn't in his weight class. Askrens college record is 153-8 and 7 of those losses came to Pendleton lol
Jun 23, 2009
New York
I feel similarly to the Hendricks/Taylor matchup, also a match Hendricks could win and wouldn't be giving up bonus points if he lost lol he went 159-13 at OSU and I can't recall him ever being majored.

I get what flow is doing, they have to write an article and can't have us winning every match......but ya know what, if that team is the GOAT and it just may be.....maybe we would have won those matches? It's like doing an article on the 2 best baseball teams of all time and saying the 1927 Yankees would have gone 7 games against the 1976 Reds......no it wouldn't, Yankees would have swept them even if the Reds are considered the 2nd best (non Yankee) team ever
Mar 27, 2012
Wishing I was in Stillwater
@Jostate brought up breaking the attendance record. Flo seems to think it's feasible.


If you can get to GIA this weekend and be a part of it.
Ticket price is no excuse to not attend with $5 tickets available. I could be a long time before two teams this good wrestle each other in GIA again. They are trying to bring back the rowdy for basketball and this Sunday would be awesome to do the same for your #1 ranked Cowboys!


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Jun 24, 2005
On the same page is another article about the matchup:


The Penn State team you've come to expect all season might be unrecognizable this weekend at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

When people analyze what separates the Nittany Lions from the field, and what has helped lead them to five titles in six years, everyone brings up Penn State's rampant bonus-point-scoring ability. In 2011, Ed Ruth and David Taylor were piling up the pins for PSU. This year's team has Zain Retherford, Jason Nolf, and Bo Nickal as its bonus breadwinners. But there's a reasonable case to be made that this will all change when No. 2 Penn State heads to No. 1 Oklahoma State for the National Duals championship on Sunday. The Nittany Lions' bonus-point differential can typically be counted on, but considering the matchups, I think it could be negated or even eclipsed by the host Cowboys' bonus opportunities.

When looking at Penn State's big three, a path to bonus points will be particularly difficult. Retherford, the top-ranked wrestler at 149 pounds, and No. 2 Anthony Collica wrestled last year, and it was just a 4-1 decision. It was a 2-0 decision for Retherford when they wrestled in 2014. Since that time we've only seen improvement from Collica. Is an upset possible? Nobody would have given Iowa's Brandon Sorensen a shot at Carver-Hawkeye Arena, so perhaps Collica should be more heavily considered coming into this weekend.

The first time Nolf and Oklahoma State's Joe Smith wrestled we watched Smith give as good a fight as we've seen anyone give Nolf who wasn't named Isaiah Martinez. Though he lost by major at NCAAs, the security of a home crowd and a few adjustments could reasonably keep this match in the decision realm.

Nickal has been on a bonus rampage, and we have seen OSU's Nolan Boyd lose by bonus on two occasions this year (Sammy Brooks, Gabe Dean, both by major). So there's a chance the match goes down that way for Nickal as well. Even if we concede that much (though I believe Boyd has the skills to make this very interesting), I still think Oklahoma State could come out on top of the bonus-point output for this dual.

Why? Kaid Brock.

The Cowboys redshirt freshman is among the most dangerous and skilled point scorers at the 133-pound weight class. With Jered Cortez out for the year, George Carpenter will be taking the mat for the Nittany Lions. Against Cory Clark, Nathan Tomasello, Eric Montoya, and Zane Richards, Carpenter lost by tech, tech, tech and major decision, respectively. All four of those athletes are relative peers to Brock, so comparable results can be expected. Brock's feet to back potential makes a pinfall more likely. However, what Carpenter lacks in skill, he makes up for with a pretty strong fight when superior wrestlers are pouring it on. He won't go over easily.

So the bonus comparison can come down to Nickal's bonus output versus Brock's. If that's the case, there's a strong possibility that the difference between the two is either negligible or a slight advantage toward Brock and Oklahoma State.


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Jan 8, 2012

Admittedly I was probably the #1 guy carrying the pitchfork and torch regarding the athletic department not doing much to promote wrestling this year.

Obviously this took a football coach willing to put on a singlet and make this video, which isn't common, but they've done a great job to hype this dual and not just with this video.

I wasn't sure last week, but really think there's a legit chance we break the attendance record Sunday.