7 point dog going into Ames

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Feb 7, 2005
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The money certainly was real. I got $1.50 for mowing and trimming a Bartlesville yard. $5.00 was several hours in the hot sun. My mother offered me a can't lose deal. I could pick either team, so I took the Yankees because they always won. Lew Burdette of Milwaukee won 3 games and the Braves won in 7.
That’s AWESOME! And I would of done the exact same thing. A few lessons well learned too. If you go to the bowl this year, I’ll buy you that beer.
Aug 16, 2012
Kick this one back up top....

Just watched episode 1 of "Bad Sport" on Netflix about the point shaving scandal with Hedake Smith and Arizona State in '94. Interesting in its own right but they go into a lot of discussion this thread had about lines and betting. Worth the watch IMO.