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May 4, 2011
Charleston, SC
Well, the great games he's played recently do not erase the bad games he had earlier, and those of us who wanted to see Sanders earlier weren't necessarily wrong, we'll simply never know if we could have won at Kstate by putting him in at the half. However, I think it does show that we WERE completely wrong in judging what TC was capable of. He has clearly turned a corner and has played really well the last two games. A couple things I've noticed:

1. He seems to be stepping up in the pocket more than he did earlier in the year. That is helping his scrambling as well as his downfield passing IMO. Earlier in the year, it seemed his first instinct was to bail and roll out of the pocket, causing a lot of inaccurate throws on the run. Not sure if some protection schemes have changed to allow more for that, or if it's just him getting more comfortable.
2. Hubbard is more productive than Hill has been this year. Not sure the reason, but it certainly is helping.
3. Seems we're calling more pass plays and using tempo more, both good for a QB's rhythm.
4. Going to Johnson more, finally. Might be a byproduct of point 1, but any QB has to use all his weapons to be effective, and TC certainly seems to have done that the last two games.
I think the response is more about the few posters still saying he's a "garbage" QB.

The KState performance was awful, but in hindsight looks more like an off game as he was still figuring out how to put everything together in a live game. It was tough to know at the time and I still think there was a lot of blame to go around, especially on the coaches. Defense was terrible and the offense seemed to have no real back up plan for TC playing poorly.
Aug 22, 2006
SE Oklahoma
TC has done the best he could do and has really shinned in the last couple of games. I place all the blame on the coaches in the loses. The first series vs kstate we moved the ball down the field and scored but an insanely terrible offensive pass interference was called, then a false start penality and we're kicking a long field goal. Then for God only knows why, we go to our yurcich base offense and TC just doesn't make it work. ISU breaks out Purdy and he goes off, close game not on TC. Texas tech holds the ball for 3/4 of the game. Baylor special teams cost the game, OU special teams cost the game. I wanted Spencer Sanders to start the 1st game and was arguing about not playing him, but TC has been really good this year and I support him .

Next year will be very similar to this year as we will be using a first time starter again at QB. Except this one doesn't even have mop up experience. Again poor coaching.

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