Arch Manning commits to Texas...

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Nov 25, 2009
Kedah Malaysia
I've seen reports of around $3 million for Manning, but we'll see. Regardless, that's not anywhere near more than half of the starters in the NFL.

I do think the NIL's going to be really interesting the watch over the next couple of years as it settles in. For instance, you'd assume Ewers' deals are tied to him actually playing at UT, so what happens if he transfers out? You'd have to think that there's some protective language in these deals.
It is good that the NIL is going to distribute some of the Tejas money into the economy, and they still could not win.

Once in the blue moon, they'll snatch our commits, but usually we don't battle head to head against them for their over hyped recruits.


Territorial Marshal
Feb 18, 2009
Where are the thread police? Arch Manning to Texas has nothing to do with OSU sports. Be consistent.

For a fan base that thinks Texas is irrelevant, we sure talk about them A lOT.
Sep 23, 2010
Arch Manning is one of the few HS kids that can attract his own NIL instead of needing a college teams' platform to make money. I doubt this came down to the highest bidder. Mannings have gone to teams that run pro style offense. Sark is a pro style guy.