Football As of 7/9/12, has this class: surpassed expectations, met or been below expectations?

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Jun 16, 2011
Too bad we aren't recruiting him anymore. Vincent Taylor took his spot and is a better prospect.
I'm not sure who is better and I'm happy we signed Vince, but I thought we were going after another DT. Scout and Rivals still show he holds an offer from us; I wouldn't mind having him on the team.

You seem to have it figured out. Who else do you think we have a shot with?
Jan 28, 2010
I think the class is at an 8 if not a bit higher as most on here. All in all the discussion is very productive and it seems as though most people agree that we are doing very well. There are a few kids out there (mentioned above) that would make my 8 a 10. I am not concerned with where it "ranks" on the national scene because we are beating teams that out star us on signing day every year. The overall talent so far committed surpasses the star power of any class prior so the key is that these guys buy in like classes of the past have. We are going to coach them like 5*'s and expect them to perform that way. What can't be coached is a 5* attitude and work ethic. Remember 70% of the 5*'s each year turn out to be turds and underachievers anyway....Mr. Simms....My hope is we keep the level of work and character as we have had in the past 4 to 5 classes. Sky is the limit if we can!!