Baseball - All-Access (OKState.TV) Question

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Nov 14, 2010
Just as an update...

We're raised and are going to spend about $3000+ to totally replace that outfield camera and build a housing for it. Will be one week... two at the most before that is in place.

We've raised and are going to spend about $750 on new audio equipment for baseball and softball to improve audio quality. That will be ordered on Monday and hopefully be installed and working by next weekend.

We've also located a collection of most every game from the Gary Ward era. We are going to try to acquire that next week and digitize it all and make it available online for fans. Haven't seen it yet though, so hopefully it's of good quality.

Issue: When we pull audio directly from the mixer... most of the pre-game show is pre-recorded... so we're not exactly sure how we're going to get that online. But am working on it.

Note: CBS has decided that when we're streaming video, that they don't want to stream audio at the same time. So audio backups are now no longer available.
Thank you very very much for your hard work. This is exciting news.

As far as how to get the pre recorded parts of the pregame, just plug a radio into your mixer.

It will give you phone line quality but no one will care with those segments.

On your mixer just have Rex's direct feed on one channel and the radio on the other.

While your using Rex's direct feed mute the radio channel, and when you're using the radio feed for prerecorded material mute Rex's direct feed.

However, doesn't Rex play his pre recorded stuff from his end? If he does just use the direct feed. The only time you'd need to use the radio feed is if the station is playing the pre recorded segments.

Also, this is being very picky, but while you're at it, can you ask Rex to turn the crowd noise up some so we can hear the crowd better, and more importantly hear the ball come off the bat better.
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May 17, 2007
Lake Charles, LA
Glad to hear about the continued improvements.

FWIW today's video really isn't watchable. Jerky and tends to stop momentarily just when the action gets interesting. Fortunately the audio is ok, it occasionally jumps or skips but for the most part you can follow the game with it.