Big 12 rankings week 8

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Sep 9, 2013
1. OU.
Aside from the covered wagon tipping over, not much drama in muderlizing a bad WVU team.

2. Baylor.
Wins in Still water are never easy. Wins by 20 points are rare. Baylor is unbeaten and sports wins over Cowboys and Iowa State. Baylor is the clear number 2.

3. Texas
Texas has beaten WVU and Cowboys, but struggled against kansas @ home. This is a talented, but soft, Texas team. Would not be shocked to see Iowa State beat them.

4. Iowa State.
Were the 1st 2 games of the season an aberration? Iowa State looks better each week, and now sits at 3-1 in the Big 12. Dline and oline are beating people up, and Purdy may be the best qb in the big 12. Yeah, Hurts has the numbers, but trade teams and I bet Purdy has the numbers too.

5. Texas tech
3 losses have all been to good teams. Have a win over Cowboys.

6. Oklahoma State
Beat kstate and oregon state. losses were to baylor, Texas and TT, all good teams

7. Kstate
Beat Miss State in starkville and own wins over TCU and ? Kstate is 7th by virtue of its 2 power 5 wins.

8. TCU
My, how the mighty has fallen. there was talk of TCU being a darkhorse big 12 champion in the preseason. Blown out by ISU, beaten by Kstate and SMU, TCU still owns blowout wins over kansas and Purdue.

9. WVU
Pretty awful football team right now. Showed no fight in Norman, giving up a whopping 52 points. Beat Kansas head to head in lawrence, so WVU is safely in 9th place.

10. kansas. Win @ BC in blowout fashion, plus almost beating texas in Austin. Miles has kansas trending upwards, but it wont happen this year. Kansas may beat someone before season's end.


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Jun 24, 2005
Obviously not a homerism ranking this week. Nobody has the energy left to fight you even if you did homerize it.

I find myself almost hoping for a # 6 finish.

Maybe you could do us a solid and post another one of those irrationally optimistic basketball predictions so we could all have fun bashing it again this year. It's really all we have left at this point.