Black Pistol Pete Sweatshirt

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Nov 9, 2005
Edmond, Oklahoma
Okay, I first saw this sweatshirt on the video from when the team returned home from Iowa State. A lot of the players were wearing a black Nike hoodie that has a large Pistol Pete "black" logo on the front. I have searched every possible OSU store that I can, as well as the Nike site, and various other online stores. Does anyone know of the sweatshirt I'm referring to, and where one could be bought? Thanks for your help!
Dec 11, 2011
There may be one slightly used one available now. Black, so not stained; discounted due to slight Gatorade odor & may be a little sticky. It should come out in the wash.
Feb 20, 2007
I was told that the version Gundy has on is made strictly for the team. There are versions similar to this one at the Student Union, but the one everyone wants now is a team only version.