Boone Pickens Stadium Will Have Grass In The Future

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Jun 11, 2004

STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) -- The owner of the Colorado company installing a new turf field at Oklahoma State says changes to the field will allow a transition to grass in the next few years at Boone Pickens Stadium.

"The primary reason we're going with synthetic turf right now is they have limited space on campus to practice," said Dan Almond, founder and owner of Millennium Sports Technologies in Littleton, Colo., which is installing the new turf. "Once we get an indoor facility we can install grass."

Pickens and Oklahoma State alumnus Sherman Smith donated $3 million to purchase and install the new turf, which is scheduled to be completed Aug. 25 -- three weeks after the Cowboys begin two-a-days and more than one week before the season opener.

"This new turf is going to be almost like grass," Cowboys coach Mike Gundy said. "The downfall of the synthetic field is the asphalt underneath it. There's no asphalt under this turf."

Almond's company is also installing an irrigation system under the turf. Besides cooling off the turf, the foundation for a grass field provides more cushion.

"Back when I played, AstroTurf wasn't real good for the body," said Gundy, a quarterback for the Cowboys in the 1980s. "The way this turf is laid down, I'm not sure there is an advantage to being on grass when it comes to injury. It's hard for me to comment on something I don't know all the information. But I do know our players say this turf is softer."

Almond, a 1979 Oklahoma State graduate, said most players prefer to play on grass.

"A grass surface is much cooler. Synthetic fields can be 25 to 30 degrees hotter than the air temperature," Almond said. "The key is to have a quality natural grass field.

"That's why we're taking all the steps necessary right now during this particular phase, so we can easily convert in three or four years."

Once grass is installed, the Football Pro turf can serve the indoor facility for several years, possibly another decade.

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Jun 29, 2004
Ardmore, OK
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