Building a pool

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Aug 16, 2012
Found this picking out our tile today. Its $600. Do I pull the trigger? Its only about 8" tall.

View attachment 72049
Cool but.....OMG.

Presuming you want to set it in the surrounding tile, if so, I cannot even imagine trying to cope the abutting tile to this thing. If they can cut and glaze all the different pieces, why in the world would they not make it with integral background/perimeter pieces that fit around the edge of this graphic but with a relatively geometric outer shape so the overall artwork could be set into a bigger field of regular tiles. Can you imagine trying to cope the pointed piece just under his left ear? I can just smell a couple of Dremel tools burning up trying to scribe around this shape.

I guess you could adhere it to the face of the existing tile (it appears the perimeter edges of the tiles are glazed). Would recommend LocTite PL Marine Grade if you go that route. Unless you completely scar-up the surface of the glazed tile beneath, adhering it with conventional grout will not last.

To your question....$600 is too much for me. Would take too long for me to set it and be at least that much to hire a tile guy to set it.


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Mar 11, 2009
I have a hot tub and really like it. Plus when not in use it provides a waterfall feature.


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Oct 13, 2004
I love it but would never do would limit my resale to only those with orange colored glasses or someone who would be willing to investing in removing it. That being's fun and cool. Enjoy your pool!