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CBS Way too early Bowl picks


Alcoholistic Sage
A/V Subscriber
I think it speaks volumes of CFN that they have us finishing 3rd in the conference, when everyone else is putting us around 5-6 or worse.
Oh, I'm sure CFN does their homework but, Texas had many issues on offense and on defense their secondary was hit an miss all year. Just seems like a big jump. I really expect the top half of the league to be a dog fight with several teams having a shot at the title.
I wouldn't mind seeing a Cotton Bowl Champions trophy in Heritage Hall and buying myself a Cotton Bowl Champs t-shirt either. Nothing wrong with that bowl game and it's about time we came in on the winning side of The Classic.

The Bundy

As long as we having a winning record, I could care less what bowl we play in. One can be optimistic, but one has to be realistic as well.


Territorial Marshal
I would expect our offense to be reasonably close to last years because of the system we run and the depth at WR and talent at RB. That mixed with possibly the best defense we've had since '84 makes a 9-11 win team a very real possibility
i agree with our D alone we could win 7-8 games. if our O is even just a a fraction of last years (extremely hard to believe) then we win 9+ games possibly 11 with our only loss to either Kstate or uo.