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[channeling jbug]Per RA.....new FB commit

'Ole RA just mentioned that we just got a recent commit (apparently last night) -David Collins, DE.

Will Chase Rome change his big 'ole head and switch over to the GOOD side now? :kool:
If its the same guy, I think that would be a guy named Davidell Collins from Arkansas. He's a 6'6, 250 pound kid. He's a sleeper, but have no comformation that he committed. He's blown up this year, but still a bit under the radar.
I have heard RA say this kid runs a sub 4.9 which is quick for a 6'6" 250 DE/OT
Actually....that's more like a top tier DT speed.....but first step quickness is also important and you need 10 yard dash time to measure that.

FYI, Chinasa ran a 4.60 (which is superb) before his injury and Richetti Jones ran a 4.78 (decent) out of high school