Chuba on pace for 2,169 yards.

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Oct 16, 2003
Edmond, OK
Chuba continues to put up amazing numbers. With 1,265 rushing yards through 7 games, he is on pace for 2,169 yards for the season. That would be only the 2nd time an OSU running back has put up a 2,000+ yard performance in a season.

A 1,888 yard season would make him the #2 all-time season rushing behind only the great one, Barry Sanders. Can't see anyway that Chuba doesn't clear the #2 spot as long as he remains healthy.

Congrats to Chuba on an historic season....


Legendary Cowboy
Oct 13, 2004
These days it seems like if your team isn't going to make the final four OR at least a new years 6's unlikely that you will get a lot of Heisman love. That's sad and really unfair to guys like Chuba...maybe that will change as the year goes on if we start to play better as a team.