Colin Cowherd has OSU as a darkhorse for the playoff

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Territorial Marshal
Sep 9, 2005
Mustang, Ok
We are winning them all! One bedlam, two bedlams.....doesn't matter. Do what we do and we're in. This team is a serious threat to score every possession. The defense is going to be the surprise of the season. What we lost in experience we upgraded with speed and athleticism. My recommendation......don't be a typical Poke fan, just enjoy it!

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Fidelis et Verus
Nov 14, 2010
Bryan, TX
Dan Le Batard has trained me to hate these types of sports shows - but before that, I was a huge Colin Cowherd fan and defender.

My life story aside, I always love hearing our school spoken about on National media - especially in regards to National Championship predictions. Always exciting stuff!

Cannot wait for football season! Go Pokes!
LeBatard has trained me to hate LeBatard, but I still listen to all 3 hours of his show everyday.

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