Cowboys 4Ever Poll

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What is your opinion of the song and age range

  • Like it -- Ages 24 and under

    Votes: 9 1.8%
  • Like it -- Ages 25-40

    Votes: 27 5.5%
  • Like it -- Ages 41+

    Votes: 37 7.5%
  • Neutral/Wait and See -- Ages 24 and under

    Votes: 30 6.1%
  • Neutral/Wait and See -- Ages 25-40

    Votes: 72 14.6%
  • Neutral/Wait and See -- Ages 41+

    Votes: 51 10.3%
  • GAH, my ears are bleeding! -- Ages 24 and under

    Votes: 64 13.0%
  • GAH, my ears are bleeding! -- Ages 25-40

    Votes: 154 31.2%
  • GAH, my ears are bleeding! -- 41+

    Votes: 49 9.9%

  • Total voters
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A/V Subscriber
Oct 26, 2003
Carl Junction, MO
Re: Cowboys Forever

I'm not certain that it is the intro. However I've heard people say they've heard it blaring from the speakers at the stadium the last few weeks. So with that information you can form your own guess.

Personally I think it isn't all that great. I love the lyrics but I just don't get pumped by the song. It may be different in a pre-game setting though.

David Harrell - Pokes
Apr 16, 2008
Re: Cowboys Forever

Is the song hosted anywhere else? I am proud to say that I am not a member of facebook and don't want to join just to hear one song. Is it like the other songs by August Rose/John Martin? I have located a few other songs on various websites, and unless it is a great departure from the other work, I can't imagine it will get me pumped up to watch football.
Aug 3, 2006
Re: Cowboys Forever

Pretty lame, okay very very lame. It is actually pretty sad if that is the best they could come up with. We might need to look around for someone else with taste to work on this kind of stuff for future seasons. The intro would be better with no volume at all, it would be much more enjoyable. The intro video is going to have to blow me away for the whole production to even be acceptable.
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