Cowgirl softball in Big XII tournament

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Jul 31, 2012
Wilson, Oklahoma
Didn’t get to watch the Texas game and just the last three innings against ISU. How freaking frustrating that we keep playing to the level of our competition.

caught up with this thread...I can see why Eberle looked gassed. Correct me if I’m wrong...she pitched 9 innings? WOW! Hope she and Maxwell get lots of rest for tomorrow. Gonna need them at their best...Simunek as well.

Have three cemeteries tomorrow to clean headstones and put flowers out. Hope I get home in time to watch the championship game
Oct 26, 2003
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
I'm aware OSU is currently projected as a Top 8 seed. But just like WBB the Big 12 SB isn't getting a lot of respect right now. And with upsets in the mighty SEC tournament you just never know. Oklahoma has the name recognition and reputation, but even their RPI is low this year. Maybe I'm just pessimistic, or maybe I'm just an OSU fan. A W over the Sooners would just be icing on that Top 8 seed and bring a Big 12 Championship back to Stillwater
Feb 24, 2020
lol sounds more pessimistic, and this isn't close to WBB, but I digress. 5 out of 7 teams are projected into the tourney. We're small in numbers, but if you've actually followed this team, the conference gets its due. This team is a lock for a national seed. Just depends if its 6-8 IMO.